Saturday, December 11, 2010

Junkie Lust 11.12.10

If you saw my All I want for Christmas wishlist, you may have noticed the Natasha bag by Marc Jacobs sneaking in.

Not that I can afford the £400+ price tag on a designer handbag, but I saw it and it was one of those *I want that one* moments. I like that it's a bit softer than some of the other satchels out there- I spend enough time traipsing books around without my handbag looking like it's got several crammed into it. And it's just perfection in size and shape. I rather like the bird detailing too. I'm a later comer to the bird trends but I'm getting to rather like them.

Right- back to the books. Thank you Net-a-Porter for the temporary distraction in the form of Marc Jacobs. In the meantime anyone suggest something similar on the high street to ease the craving? Anyone lucky enough to own one of these?


Alex said...

Perhaps ASOS or Topshop might have something similar soon? They seem the best at keeping up with new styles and trends when it comes to bags.

Diary of a Young Designer said...

I absolutely love this bag, and anything Marc Jacobs for that matter. Unfortunately I'm too poor to owe one still.


Unknown said...

ah i LOVE this bag!

Enter my Christmas giveaway!

Eri said...


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment! I had no idea there was a Jasmine shower gel. Will definitely take your recommendation.

Kate said...

Eeee, I had no idea these bags were still going! I saw one online once in more of a satchel style with just one birdie on it, in a gorgeous dusty blue. It was going to be my bag NO MATTER WHAT, despite the £350+ price tag, & so I got saving... £50 later, & I couldn't refrain from a spend-off at Primark. I'm frustrated with myself that I'll never be able to save money for ANYTHING, let alone the-bag-of-my-dreams, but maybe one day I'll find that winning lottery ticket...

StyleWhiskey. said...

I wish I could afford those bags.
Your blog is great.

Tess Atkinson said...

Amazingggg bag!