Monday, June 28, 2010

Different.... But The Same

Being back in the UK has been a bit of an odd experienced, but I'm a month in now. I thought I'd stop noticing all the little quirks, british-isms and differences relatively quickly, but it would appear not.

This weekend a shopping trip was deemed not only a good thing to do, but necessary as the clothes I wore to lay about on my roof terrace in Eastern Spain are not the same clothes I need to pull on for a day in my british office. Manchester hello. The first time in quite some time I went into the city rather than to the airport, a pleasant change.

But shortly after stepping off the train and starting out on my hard days shopping a wave of disappointment hit me.

To clarify Manchester is the closest larger city for me when home in the UK, it's the best place to do "proper" shopping without venturing down to London and is usually a great place to go to feel like part of the wider world once more after my weeks of hibernating in rural England.

But this time all I could see were young people, who all looked the same. Nothing different, no new takes on things, nothing exciting. Maybe it was always like this and I never noticed it before, maybe it's more recent. It's just all so disappointing. Is this the result of the high street Giants- thousands of people wearing the same thing? Or maybe some will latch onto the "Celebrity Culture" in the UK and blame it on them (just to ring the changes, you know!) or maybe we're all stuck in a fashion rut?

Not everybody wants to dress to stand out in a crowd, but my personal view has always been that if you dress the way you feel you look best then you become noticeable for looking "good" whether you're wearing Prada or Primark.

I am I the only person to pick up on the epidemic of Same? Is it just me? What do we do to combat this?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Back to Virtual Reality

The return. After a hectic couple of weeks I'm finally back to my virtual reality.

So... Since last time I've made my return to the UK, I've turned 21, started my new job and bought a really pretty dress. But for me the biggest of those adjustments has been my return to the UK after 17 months of travelling.

Having already managed to do a little shopping I was a bit taken with how culture shocked I was. There are several things I probably took for granted before leaving which I'm now noticing so much more than I might have done.

The cost of living in western Europe is generally much lower than here. Food, clothes, eating out and alcohol all cost less and with € still favourable it worked out very nicely. However one thing you will rarely see is a multiple buy dealm no 2 for 1, no buy 1 get 1 free, and no 2 for £X. Entering a british supermarket where I was able to buy everything from lettuce to leggings to lightbulbs was just plain odd.

My second observation is somewhat more relevant to my fashion interest. Whilst fashion is buoyant in Europe (particularly Spain) and by no means behind, it is different. There's a much edgier, more trend lead look here. As a nation we appear to be much more excited by new fashion trends and much more aware of the high end fashion even those of us unableto afford it!

So are we a nation of fashion junkies? Do we have the edge? Let's hear it....