Saturday, September 25, 2010

Out of the Loop

As you might know, up until June of this year I've been living abroad in various parts of Europe. One of the things I really liked when living away was being able to observe the completely different takes on trends and shopping across the three countries I lived in. The scary thing is that now I'm back at my UK university, is I realise how out of the loop I am. Although I was able to read some british press, and naturally follow bloggers based in the UK, it's not the same as being a part of it and picking everything up for yourself.

Although I blogged about the simplifying of my winter wardrobe last week, one of the things I do notice (given that it's Freshers Week) is how keen people are to make an impression with what they wear.It's also reasonably easy to spot the Freshers compared to us Oldies (ok so just 3 years older, but never the less...) as they haven't quite worked out the sky scraper heels and open toes just don't work with a hill named "Bitch Hill" because of it's steepness and torrential rain.

The big notice is how much things have changed since I was last based in a UK place with any number of young people. As Fashion does, it's moved on in a big way, for an avid people watcher like me, it's great to spend time in cafes and bars locally taking in what's new. I love that we see so much on the catwalks and in the fashion press, but there's really nothing like sitting, watching and absorbing how us funky Brits really pull it all together.

Anyone had to have a major life shift lately? Been anywhere that really stood out when you looked around? Seen somebody looking completely amazing?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Back to Basics

Well the time has almost come for me to return to studentville. I'm a little bit excited because I've been studying away I haven't seen some of my friends at our base uni since December 2008. One thing I find both brilliant and depressing though is packing clothes, and working out what I need for the winter wardrobe.

The upside of course is that I get to do some shopping. I do try and get most of the winter wardrobe sorted before I go, it save a lot of hassle, and means I have more choice given we're not in the largest of UK cities. I also LOVELOVELOVE shopping the Autumn/Winter season because it's all cuddly knits, layers and boots although oddly enough I hate the cold and horrible winter weather.

The down side is that I find myself simplifying what I wear massively. Although it would be a generalisation to say that all students live in jeans and a hoody all the time, it would be fair to say that where we are lots of students stick to a similar type of uniform. Never have I been one to bother too much about blending in, but I do find myself toning everything down in term time.

I find it really strange how so many of us seem to have much more daring dress sense during the warmer months and when away from uni, but we seem to revert to simplicity when there. I find myself wondering if it's just because we're in a very small city, and there isn't a massive among of cultural or artistic influence or whether this is an affliction common amongst all students.

Anybody else had the same experience?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Perfection in Shoes

And alas the shoes!

In my last wedding themed post you got to see Tamsin, who I met and started chatting too after spotting her FABULOUS shoes. Unfortunately we couldn’t find any full length picture of Tamsin from the day, but she very kindly agreed to find me some pictures of her shoes... so here they are.

I have to admit when I first saw them, it was instant. They’re that eye catching shade of purple that has a depth to it, they’re low heeled (which is better for people like me who are incapable of walking in too much of a heel) and I loved the detail, and top it all of they have every such a slight sparkle to them. Could they be any more perfect?

I’m told these beauties come from good ol’ Marks and Spencer, so yet another example of the fine high street we’re lucky to have here in GB. They even stood the ultimate test; Tamsin was able to dance the night away. May her and her fabulous shoes live happily ever after!

H&M are coming online!

As I’ve been known to mention before, I love the British high street, despite the fact most of its contents are in fact European, there’s nothing quite like what we have here. And finally it would appear that one of my absolute favourite high street fixtures is bringing the high street to us.

H&M already have a healthy following and shops in most cities in the UK but as of September 16th, you will be able to buy online! I can’t quite explain how happy this makes me, particularly as I’m headed back to uni in 2 weeks time, there will be no H&M nearby!

My love affair with H&M started in Liebe Deutschland. The Germans rather like their H&M and in the city I lived in there were 4 different shops, and although the Euro was shockingly bad, it was amazing value. There also wasn’t a huge choice of other shopping so I learned to become very at home in those 4 stores.

IT’s been a lasting affair too. My latest proud find being sweater dresses. Yes I know we’re only just into September but after last winter (Eastern Germany= VERY cold!) I’m already thinking about layers, wool and things that don’t take hours and hours to dry. I got into sweater dresses for last year, but these little beauties are set to be my staples until the spring. Wearable with tights or leggings, boots or shoes, throwing on after the gym or to go to lectures they are by far the easiest thing in my wardrobe. They were also more bargain-ful than I should telling you , because I’ll never be able to get any more. £9.99. Yes a mere £10 for all of that! And even better they come in a selection of colours from everything from a girl’s best friend (black) to my particular favourite (grey marl) and some brighter colours and even stripes.

So needless to say, I’ll be logging on, on the 16th to see whether I can score a couple more of my favourite bargains and see if I can find any other goodies too. Happy hunting.

Know of any great high street gems? Got some news we might have missed? Or just want to hype your very favourite thing about the Great British High Street? Do let me know.

P.S. For those of you who hate to be behind, if you sign up for the H&M newsletter you will get yourself exclusive access to their online shopping BEFORE everybody else.