Sunday, September 19, 2010

Back to Basics

Well the time has almost come for me to return to studentville. I'm a little bit excited because I've been studying away I haven't seen some of my friends at our base uni since December 2008. One thing I find both brilliant and depressing though is packing clothes, and working out what I need for the winter wardrobe.

The upside of course is that I get to do some shopping. I do try and get most of the winter wardrobe sorted before I go, it save a lot of hassle, and means I have more choice given we're not in the largest of UK cities. I also LOVELOVELOVE shopping the Autumn/Winter season because it's all cuddly knits, layers and boots although oddly enough I hate the cold and horrible winter weather.

The down side is that I find myself simplifying what I wear massively. Although it would be a generalisation to say that all students live in jeans and a hoody all the time, it would be fair to say that where we are lots of students stick to a similar type of uniform. Never have I been one to bother too much about blending in, but I do find myself toning everything down in term time.

I find it really strange how so many of us seem to have much more daring dress sense during the warmer months and when away from uni, but we seem to revert to simplicity when there. I find myself wondering if it's just because we're in a very small city, and there isn't a massive among of cultural or artistic influence or whether this is an affliction common amongst all students.

Anybody else had the same experience?

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