Saturday, September 25, 2010

Out of the Loop

As you might know, up until June of this year I've been living abroad in various parts of Europe. One of the things I really liked when living away was being able to observe the completely different takes on trends and shopping across the three countries I lived in. The scary thing is that now I'm back at my UK university, is I realise how out of the loop I am. Although I was able to read some british press, and naturally follow bloggers based in the UK, it's not the same as being a part of it and picking everything up for yourself.

Although I blogged about the simplifying of my winter wardrobe last week, one of the things I do notice (given that it's Freshers Week) is how keen people are to make an impression with what they wear.It's also reasonably easy to spot the Freshers compared to us Oldies (ok so just 3 years older, but never the less...) as they haven't quite worked out the sky scraper heels and open toes just don't work with a hill named "Bitch Hill" because of it's steepness and torrential rain.

The big notice is how much things have changed since I was last based in a UK place with any number of young people. As Fashion does, it's moved on in a big way, for an avid people watcher like me, it's great to spend time in cafes and bars locally taking in what's new. I love that we see so much on the catwalks and in the fashion press, but there's really nothing like sitting, watching and absorbing how us funky Brits really pull it all together.

Anyone had to have a major life shift lately? Been anywhere that really stood out when you looked around? Seen somebody looking completely amazing?

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{ I V Y } said...

life shift? hmmmmmm i got an amazing bag haha!