Thursday, December 30, 2010

I Should Be So Lucky

Having seen lots of the gifts you've all received, I thought I might share some of mine with you. I was a very lucky girl this Christmas and as you shall see...

My Bestest NEW TOY- my Kindle given to me by my very astute mum and dad,

Drum Kit Earrings which I won in Alex's giveaway on her blog Odd Socks and Pretty Frocks. Because of the bad weather, I didn't think they'd get here before Christmas, but they did, and I love them!

Silver and Red Necklace- from my grandparents. It's a very "me" necklace and came from a craft fair near to where they live.

 I spent Christmas morning on the ever glamorous M6 travelling to see my maternal family. There aren't that many of them, so thankfully it's not too difficult a job. They're all based in Cambridgeshire which is a truly beautiful part of the country in it's own way. The Guy and I managed to escape out for a post-lunch walk just around sunset, and this is why I love it

Across the Cambridgeshire Fens, Me very cold as taken by The Guy

That was Christmas. We were back on the M6 on Monday morning and back home for Coffee and Cake in the afternoon. Now it's gearing up for New Year.

Until more recently I always used to work New Years Eve as I worked at a large banqueting hotel, although it doesn't sound it, the Gala Dinner was always good fun, with a great crowd and usually a few bottles floating about amongst the staff. Since I finished working in trade, I've spent NYE at home, which has several distinct benefits, the biggest being FOOD.

This year being no exception, we're planning and in full swing with putting together a Lebanese Feast by the name of Arabian Nights. On the menu so far are the usual suspects- smoked aubergine dip, hummus, tszatziki, boreks, falafel and lots of other goodies. The Guy and I are joining my parents, our next door neighbours and 2 other friends (you might recognise Simon and Jude from Wedding Bells back in August).

So who else has exciting plans for NYE? In or Out? I'm interested to know if anyone has any traditions for New Year?

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Unknown said...

You got some great gifts girlie! My friend got a kindle and she loves it sooo much. Those sunset pictures are beautiful :) and jeez, did your lebanese feast go ahead?! that sounds like a whole lotta food :) we just stayed in last night, ate crisps and danced around my living room haha. happy new year to you miss xx