Friday, January 21, 2011

Back to Reality

I'm back, and I can tell I'm back because I had an exam today. Back to it after almost a month off, but even though I wasn't feeling very friendly towards my pasty skin and non-cooperative legs today this t-shirt did make me smile. I bought it on the trip to Manchester that I mentioned on Monday.

Zara hasn't been rated very well for customer service in the new Mary Portas show on C4, but if you are prepared to have a rummage on those scary looking tables, there's a bargain to be had, and I have developed a new love for Zara. Despite living in Spain I never really got the "Zara Thing" but since discovering they're online in the UK and knowing the Manchester store fairly well now, I think I might be with it.

Jeans, H&M
Cardigan, Primark
T-Shirt, Zara £15.99 reduced to £5.99
Scarf, Malaga Airport

I'm not sure exactly what is supposed to be depicted on the t-shirt, nor am I sure what the animals are supposed to be but I am sure that it's a gorgeous colour, it was a great little bargain and that I love it.

I have a few other bargains to share in due course, but now back to scheduling my semesters assessments. Saving Grace- it's my very last semester!
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