Monday, January 3, 2011

Junkie Lust #3

Being as it's a new year, I thought I'd do a Junkie Lust Special- a few things I'm lusting after before I head back to the grindstone and to take me into 2011 in style...

Animal Love PJ's £28
I have a mega soft spot for Topshop pyjamas, they're soft, comfy and 100% cotton. Oh and didn't I mention they're pretty damn gorgeous. Why should style be restricted to just the waking hours?

Next up Handbags.
I'm after a new black handbag at the moment. My first Junkie Lust was the Marc Jacobs Natasha bag, but unfortunately the budget doesn't stretch that far. I do have a bit of liking for Nica though. My favourite handbag is by Nica, but looking a bit battered. I love the soft leather, they're well made and if you're like me and have everything except the kitchen sink with you on a regular basis, the larger bags are a reasonable size.

So now the biggest problem is which one next?  quite like the look of the Dixie and of Nabi. All suggestions and advice welcome!

And last on my new year edition, it had to be really. Shoes.
These caught my eye in the Aldo sale, I feel some shopping coming on...

Ellenbecker Shoes, £13.99

Today was supposed to be shopping with a friend of mine, but unfortunately I'm so full of lurgy I had to give it a miss. Hopefully I should be able to get out and about later in the week or maybe next week, so stand by for Junkie Lust becoming Junkie Purchases.

What are you lusting for this year? Anything really special? Maybe something small but significant? I want to know.
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