Saturday, February 5, 2011

Shiny Happy People

Back in the early days of the blog, I wrote about the Bare Escentuals Mineral Make-Up. I've been using the basic mineral veil and foundation for over a year now, but I'd started to get a little bored. I wanted some extras so that I could change the look from day to night and play around a bit but still with the mineral make-up. Since then I've amassed quite a collection of Bare Escentuals products and having just received my latest box of goodies, I thought it might be time to share!

Bare Escentuals Bright and Beautiful collection Jan 2011
Prim Time Brightening Primer
Prime Time Brightening Eye Primer
Lipgloss in PEach Cobbler
Blusher in Flourish
SPF15 Mineral Foundation in Medium Beige
Big and Bright Eyeliner in Slate
Soft Sweep Cheek Brush
And because I'm an idiot, I forgot to include the eye shadow which also came with this, in Inspire

All of THAT came in THIS box

 Until really recently, I'd always had this image of tacky jewellery and dodgy craft demonstration when it comes to shopping channels, but over the summer, my mum was channel hopping when the TV threw a hissy fit and wouldn't budge from QVC. And it just so happened that they were featuring the Bare Escentuals Make Up. Now it also turns out that you can buy products online on the QVC website, and for my mum and I, it was the start of a beautiful relationship and a far bigger collection of Bare Escentuals products!

This little treat is the second of three boxes that were part of a special deal, with delivery at steady intervals and worked out at just a smidge over £43. Sound like a lot? Well just remember that there are eight, yes EIGHT items in the box including an 8g pot of the everyday foundation. I use this everyday. and the pot I'm currently using came in October, and it's still half full. The standard size pots are also only 3g.

What attracted me (and my mum, she's got them too) is the variety. A chance to try some colours or products we wouldn't necessarily usually pick out, particularly not at full price (one blusher usually comes in at around £20 and the brushes can be anywhere from £10-£20) Want a closer look?

Blusher in Flourish
I lovelovelove this colour. It's a peachy pinky colour with a hint of light reflective sparkle, and is as close as I've ever come to finding a mineral replacement for my Benefit Dandelion blush.

Big and Bright Eyeliner in Slate
I was a bit worried when I opened this one, as it looks very blue-grey, but upon wearing it, the good folks at Bare Escentuals got it right again, so long as the line is relatively fine, it does exactly as it says, makes my eyes look that little but bigger and brighter.
One of the many things I love about the Bare Escentuals liners is the softness of them- I don't feel like I'm scratching needles across my eye lids when applying. Another hand little benefit is that they also have sharpeners and a smudging tip built into the other end.

Slate eyeliner and Flourish blusher. I only used a tiny tiny amount of the blush, so it doesn't look wonderfully pigmented, but I like that I can layer up the blush for the intensity I want rather than having to fiddle with micro dots of make up when I want to tone it down.

The primers, although great are something I don't use masses of. The face primer definitely helps my make up to go on smoother and helps it to stay put for longer,but frankly, of a morning, I just can bring myself to put yet more creams- even if they do settle in ├╝ber quickly onto my face, it also gives me the option of creating a slightly different look for going out or smarter occasions.
The eye primer is also not used as much, as I don't wear that much eye shadow and the eye primer is designed to go underneath shadow. Like the face primer though, it definitely works, eye shadows definitely stay put for longer and seem to resist smudging.

Lipgloss in Peach Cobbler
Looks kind of scary in the tube, but goes on as a very subtle peachy colour. Non-sticky, not over shiny, long lasting and smells gorgeous. Other benefits- the applicators is a small brush- so much easier than spongy things!

And lastly, the eye shadow I forgot to include in the group picture.
Eye Shadow in Inspire
Gorgeous olive-taupe shade with a slightly blue colour sparkle to it. It's nowhere close to as dark as it looks, but again like most of the Bare Escentuals range, can be layered up to be more dramatic and mixed with other colours/products to create different shades. For someone who doesn't wear eyeshadow that much, I'm really liking it, subtle enough to wear on a day to day level, and works pretty well with my eye colour too.
Eye Shadow in Inspire

I'm a major Bare Escentuals whore, I love it. I can't imagine putting anything else on my skin any more, and what I love the most is the versatility of the products. The can be blended, mixed and layered to create different effects and for different uses and looks.

I know lots of you are MAC fans, any other beauty brands you're raving about right now?

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Ivonne said...

Your new make up looks pretty sweet!
Lately, I've kinda been loving the drugstore makeup. It's cheap and it might just surprise you in how nice the quality actually is :D