Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mix It Up

Last night, as I was thinking about what to wear tomorrow, I suddenly realised that having the blog has made me a lot more conscious of what I wear. It also makes me think about how I wear things I've already shown before.

So here's what I pulled out of the wardrobe for today

Tunic, Topshop
Jeans, H&M
Necklace, Topshop

Having already worn this tunic on the blog, it made me question how else I could wear it, and this is why I'm so pleased that the blog has made me think about what I wear and how I wear it. What better way to get more out of my wardrobe? I tend to live on quite a small selection of my wardrobe. Limited space in my halls wardrobe and limited space in suitcases on my travels have made it quite easy for me to do this, but never before have I found myself questioning the versatility of the items I have with me.

Anybody else out there had a sudden thought as to how their blog influences their life or their wardrobe choices? Anybody had negative thoughts about their blog and it's impact? I'm intrigued to know?


daniela kate morosini said...

i have that green tunic from topshop! but i wear it as a dress, i now feel am indecently exposing my thighs :( xx

Alex said...

Ooh I love it! Such a gorgeous shade on you.

I definitely think more about what I'm wearing now, but it doesn't stop me wearing the crappy outfits - I just don't blog them!

Maddalena said...


Gaby said...

Love this tunic!!
- Gaby