Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Inspirational Strawberries

When I said "inspirational strawberries" I'm sure many people thought I really had completely lost the plot (truth be told I probably have...) but get a load of these

Aren't they fabulous? These beauties belong to a fellow student in our department. It would appear that not only is Miriam a talented linguist who speaks French, German and Spanish, but she also has a steadier hand than I could ever hope for.

Having been inspired by Nail Art on various blogs, and realising how much information, how many tips and how many tutorials there are out there, I've been feeling rather inspired to have a go at something with my own nails for a while. But when I saw Miriam and her Strawberries last week, I knew these needed to posted.

I hope you love them as much as I do, and Thank You Miriam, for agreeing to let me post them.


Alex said...

Haha, aren't they fab?! Nail art and nail varnish in general is just something I can never really be bothered with - it's such a faff and chips so easily that it drives me mad. I've been tipped off about a super duper top coat though so I might try that out.

daisychain said...

I seriously need longer nails!