Saturday, May 7, 2011


After receiving my parcel of goodies on Thursday (take a look here if you missed it), I was all to keen to get wearing my new jewels, even if it was just a trip to the Post Office and the gym.

Cropped Harem Pants, Matalan
T-Shirt, ASOS
Alicia Cross Body Bag, Nica
Glasses Necklace, Temporary Secretary
Rings, ASOS, Temporary Secretary and Local Jeweller

Mouse Ring, ASOS
Cicada Ring, Temporary Secretary
Silver Ring, Local Jeweller
Watch Emporio Armani via Local Jeweller
 You might have spotted my other little purchase in with the outfit. Say hello to the Alicia Cross Body bag from Nica. When I saw the recent Groupon offer for £30 to spend for just £10, I jumped to it. I have a long standing love for Nica and this is my 3rd handbag from them. Durable, practical and modern without being so trend lead they look dated quickly, they tick all my boxes.

I was looking for a new tan handbag, as my current one is like a bottomless pit- great for work, not so good when I have to spend 10 minutes hunting for keys amidst folds of fabric. This one is everything I was looking for- cross body, tan leather, enough space for my Kindle, lots of secure pockets and space, small enough to work for day to day and out and about.

Anybody else purchased a new handbag recently? Do you tend to have a one-bag-for-all-occasions or lots of different ones you switch around or are you like me and have just a handful that you rotate for time of year/colour/occasion?

Right, back to the revision- first exam on Monday. I shall be trying to keep up with Chloe Likes To Talk and all of your blogs, but bear with me if things are a little sporadic just for a while. I also have The Guy's Birthday upcoming. I have a pretty cool surprise planned, all he knows is that he is to meet me at Euston Station. Planning someone else's birthday should NOT be this much fun. So far he sounds excited and I hope he likes what I have planned because he deserves a fab birthday after having some tough decisions to make and a tough couple of months. Oh, and for being amazingly supportive, thoughtful and patient.


Michelle / Daisybutter said...

Ooh I love that bag and glasses necklace, so adorable (: The detailing on your bag is just lovely! xx

Rachel said...

I really like your necklace!

Charlotte Sparkle said...

Love the outfit and your jewellery.

Finding Waveland said...

Love your glasses necklace and the handbag which both have the vintage flair.


PinkBow said...

ahhh i love the necklace, so cute!

JazmineKariss said...

Oh I love that necklace! I love when jewelery has big funky stuff on it :)

fritha louise said...

The glasses necklace is so cute!
I have loads of bags, but use the same one for most things. I've probably forgotten about half the bags I own, probably should have a clear out!

Maria Fallon said...

LOVE that necklace and that bag is super cute :) I tend to match my bag to my outfits so I end up swapping stuff around a lot :)

Maria xxx

Temporary:Secretary said...

CHLOE! That bag is soooo nice, the detailing on the outside is so pretty and the lining on the inside is awesome. I am such a sucker for bags like this. I bought one similar to this from TopShop and the buckle broke. Really miffed about it as it cost £40! It is too late to take it back now :(

Might have to snap this up as a replacement! Love this post (you are rockin' that necklace, too!) Good luck with the exams xxx

Alex said...

That bag is gorgeous! My mum has a really cute black and floral Nica bag - think she got it in TK Maxx for some sort of bargainous price so maybe keep your eyes peeled in there next time you want a new bag?

I really do love the necklace too. It's the perfect length.