Saturday, May 14, 2011

Chloe Likes #1

Ok, so formerly Junkie Lust, but given the new name here, I felt a new name for my lusts was needed too.  So Chloe Likes- just things I like right now.

Clockwise from Top Left
1.Bat ring, £8 HivenJ
2. Cath Kidston Purse, £25 ASOS
3. Rubber Ducky Ring, £6 Temporary Secretary
4. Shaun Leane Ring, £265 Shaun Leane
1. What's not to love about this. I have a bit of a thing for bats- it's a bit like bugs, I'm not sure I get why either...

2. Desperately need a new purse at the moment. My (fake) Valentino is on it's last legs and I've decided it's time to try and downsize my purse a little. I love this Cath Kidston one, but at £25 I think a New Look special will have to do for now.

3. Oh come one, don't tell me you don't think that's cute? I'm all about brightening things up right now.

4. Shaun Leane. My favourite jeweller. I already have a ring from the Cherry Blossom collection, with pale pink pearls set into a similar band, but I lovelovelove the hardness of the black pearls on this.

Psst, I may have some purchases to show you soon. I was supposed to be hopping on a train to head out to a proper city and some proper shops, as I now have to go home for an appointment in the middle of next week (8 hour round trip) followed by my little jaunt to London for The Guy's birthday surprise at the weekend (6 hour round trip), I decided to stay local, and it turns out all is not completely lost!


Sienna said...

pretty ring. xx Sienna

Yona said...

I love rings and florals so me likes everything in this post too :).

PinkBow said...

the ring is so gorgeous, i love black pearl, i have a necklace & bracelet with them