Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Leopard Doesn't Change Her Spots

No exam today and having spent most of my day at the desk wearing my favourite and comfy jersey trousers, I felt the momentous occasion that was heading to the gym warranted some proper clothes. I love my track pants as much as the next student, but there'd have to be a drastic wardrobe disaster for me to leave the flat in them. In that respect I hope I never change, superficial though it may be, I like to try and present if not my best, then at least a face that has had some effort put into it, to the world.

Martha Jeans, Topshop
T-shirt, ASOS
Cardigan, H&M
Necklace, Temporary Secretary
After the devastation of finding a hole in my favourite pinky/nude coloured H&M cardigan, I thought I'd have a quick look on their website and see if I could replace it. I thought I'd hit the jackpot when I saw this one, the colour was called beige pink, but on the picture it looked the right colour. It appears that it is in fact beige pink, but I decided to keep it anyway, as it's the kind of colour I am likely to wear, particularly with the plain basics I'm so fond of. What do you guys reckon? Good colour? Awful colour? A bit odd?

  Anyway... speaking of leopard, I had my first go at leopard nails over the weekend- I was feeling the need for a study break!

Base, Nails Inc x Diet Coke in Caramel with an unknown shimery colour over the top
Spots, OPI Alice in Wonderland in Mad Hatter
Accent, Models Own x WAH Nail Pen.
My left hand came out ok except for the little finger, which was a surprise to me as my hands are a bit shaky. The joy of leopard nails (or so I have found) is that actually they don't have to be super precise and so there's room for error (or shaky hands).

And on the topic of nails, can anyone recommend a reasonably priced top coat? Mine's almost run out and I could do with a new one.

Right, back to the books. Spanish tomorrow and there's plenty of room for improvement, but before I go I wanted to say HI to all the people following- those who have been here since the beginning and those of you who have come by more recently. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy.


GrĂ¡inne said...

I know exactly what you mean about the pinky/beige cardi situation. It's a colour that goes with anything! I had the perfect one from Zara and lost it (I lose about 10 cardigans a year, no joke!). I was gutted and bought a replacement in H&M. But it just wasn't the same as the original... *Moment of silence for lost cardigan* :D

PS Love the nails! Productive procrastination!

Cherry said...

Love the nails!

Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

High five for no exams! Yay! I just adore your nails! I wish I had more patience - everyone seems to be doing beautiful nails as of late!


Unknown said...

I thin I have the same cardigan! I wasn't sure about the colour either at first, but it's quickly become one of my most worn cardigans actually!

Winnie said...

My favourite topcoat is Sally Hansen's Mega Shine. It's awesome!

Liesl said...

Super cute leopard nail polish and I love the glasses necklace...so FUN! Lovely blog, Chloe!

Liesl :)