Friday, May 13, 2011

Maybe It's Not As Crazy As It Seems?

Ok, before I get to the point, and I will, I promise, I had to show you this.

Silicone BlackBerry Curve cover, Amazon
I was taking a look at the new Kindle skins on Amazon, and I had been looking "Keep Calm and Carry On" Skin that's available, so when I next logged in, in my "You Might Like" bit, this phone cover popped up. For £3.99, I couldn't resist, particularly as the silicone cover I already have, had stretched and was becoming a pain anyway. It made me smile.

From experience, when times are hard, or you find yourself under pressure, these are the times that you learn the most about yourself. If you've read I'm Not Afraid. To Take A Stand or I'll Tell On You, you'll know that things have been a bit tougher than they needed to be, on top of the work load associated with the final year of my degree. And when I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep at 5am this morning, I realised what I've learnt about myself lately.

Most of my friends In Real Life (IRL) are male. I tend to get on better with guys than girls because I'm quite blunt, I like things to be black and white where possible and I find that there seems to be all sorts of unspoken rules and codes amongst women, rules and codes I'm not up to speed with it seems. Most of my (male) friends would describe me as cynical, straightforward, and commercially motivated- I asked them! But actually, I think I'm may have become a bit softer of heart.

I believe in kindness. Something I had begun to question after recent experiences with people. But the kindness of others- comments on the blog, people reaching out on Twitter, letters and e-mails from friends, family and The Guy, has really touched me and never fails to surprise me.

Although I've always enjoyed giving people gifts I know they'll love, I truly learned the meaning of  "It's better to give than to receive" this month. Organising a birthday surprise for The Guy has been more than fun, and I am ridiculously excited for the main even next weekend. I'd love to tell you all what I'm planning, but The Guy likes to check up on the blog from time to time, to make sure I'm not telling you all how lovely he is too much. But putting some thought into everything, and even getting his other present ready to post has been great. It's a reminder that maybe thinking of others a little more would make us all a lot happier.

I believe in Thank You. I was brought up to say please and to say thank you, and I find it incredibly rude when people do not use proper manners. They cost nothing after all, and holding a door open or letting someone ahead of you in a queue might be small, but I hate it when people don't acknowledge these things with a simple thanks. But more than that, saying your thanks can be highly enjoyable. Some of mine have recently been great little notes to write or ways of reminding someone that you appreciate all the things they do. Putting some effort into your thank you's will not only benefit the person on the receiving end, I always feel better for doing it.

And lastly, sometimes it's good to give in and let those around you influence you, the decisions you make and way you feel. Not always, but sometimes. This has been the biggest adjustment in thinking for me. I don't trust people easily, and have long been scared to allow others to influence how I feel about things or what I think or what's going on, but letting go has opened up new possibilities and taught me that it's ok to let go. Sometimes.

I think we massively under-value knowing ourselves. I think that knowing yourself allows you to understand why you make mistakes, how to avoid them. How to make the best of the skills that you have and be the best that you can be both as a person and in anything you choose to do. It's not always easy, but well worth the effort.

Has anybody had a recent epiphany? Suddenly realised you're not quite the same person you used to be? Decided to make some changes to your life and seeing a difference? I'm intrigued to see if it's just me.


Amber Renee / said...

i love your phone strap :)

Unknown said...

i need one of these for my blackberry! So sweeet! Love your blog!

Rachel said...

I love that... I think I know what my Blackberry is getting soon now!

Unknown said...

Firstly love the phone case!

It's funny how you can change so slowly you almost don't notice it, and then suddenly you look in the mirror and it's a completely different person standing there! Usually for the better I hope.

One thing though - don't give up on Girl friends altogether, we're pretty good fun too!

Anonymous said...

I always try to smile and say thank you to people who do nice things for me. I went through a phase of being really negative and just found it draining. Being kind, being nice and being positive makes both you and the people around you happier.