Sunday, May 15, 2011

An Open Birthday Card to The Guy

Despite being the kind of person who's known for voicing their opinions and being pretty gobby, I like to write. I'm a hundred times more eloquent on paper (or blog post) than I am in person as well you know.

Today marks the start of 19 glorious days where I get to gloat that I'm still 21 and you're now undeniably and completely into your 20's at the age of 22. Yes it's only 2.5 weeks, but they're 19 days I'll be making the most of. Happy Birthday old man.

I'm most severely disappointed that not a single person you work with has remembered that it's your birthday today, particularly given that you've not done any kind of celebrating this week. But I promise you this- I'll be doing everything in my power, albeit limited, to make sure that next weekend will be the best birthday celebrations possible. You still have no idea what's going to happen, but they're good surprises in store. Promise!

But until next weekend, enjoy your little package- couldn't let the official day go by without a little something to open now could I?!  Remember that 22 is going to be a year of progress and whatever twists and turns you come across, you'll be brilliant.

Happy Birthday querido.

If there were a cover to this card....



Sienna said...

that is so sweet :)

The Cat Hag said...

Chloe, this is the sweetest, most dear post I have read in a while!

Who cares bout his work colleagues anyway, as long as the most important people remember, that's the mark of a great birthday. :)

Send my best wishes to him as well, will be looking forward to his birthday photos with you. ♥♥

The Cat Hag

Tara said...

a beautiful photo !!!! nice blog ..

Winnie said...

This is adorable and THAT is a stunning photo. It's absolutely stunning and SO dreamy to look at!