Monday, May 30, 2011

Pearls of Wisdom

Martha Jeans, Topshop
Pearl Print Bandeau Top, ASOS
Cardigan, Primark
I'll admit to forgetting about this top. I bought it last year in an ASOS sale and thought it would work quite nicely with the high waisted denim skirt I wore a lot in the warmer weather or with some shorts for a night out. Unfortunately the weather didn't provide enough opportunity to wear said skirt which went into the bin at the end of the summer being beyond redemption and there haven't exactly been many nights out in the last year, well not *that* kind of night out anyway.

I found the top languishing at the bottom of my drawer when starting to get a few things packed today, and decided it was time to pull it on. I quite like it with jeans and a cardigan and have resolved to wear it a bit more, although it's actually now a little too big, although this has it's benefits as it no longer clings in an unforgiving manner around my stomach.

There's something really quite satisfying about the rediscovery of clothing you've either forgotten about or shoved to the back of the wardrobe, no longer sure of it's style/shape/colour/fit. It's like a new purchase without actually having bought anything. Although I can be quite ruthless in throwing things away, I have started limiting my wardrobe clear outs a little, because I end up throwing things out that actually I probably would come back to and am annoyed with myself for getting rid of when I suddenly remember it's no longer in my wardrobe at that crucial moment.

Are you hoarders or ruthless wardrobe police? Do you have a rediscovery that you're particularly proud of? Or do you have a piece of clothing that you use to gauge weight loss or gain and fit into sporadically?
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