Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pulling Oneself Together

Today I woke up feeling rough. Tired. Irritable. Drained. Fed Up. I live in quite a stressful situation and combine that with having been unwell and sleep deprived and you have a Chloe who does not like to get out of bed.

But in spite of this, I hauled my backside out of bed and pulled myself together. Rather than continue to dwell on grey cloud hanging over me, I put on the war paint.

Jumper, Primark
Jersey Harem pants, Matalan,
Necklace, Primark
Under eye bags, nasty neighbours
And the armour...

Left, Shaun Leane
Right, local jeweller

It's too easy to give in to negativity and not leave the house. It's too easy to allow victory to those who feel it necessary to put others down and most of all, it's too easy to forget that making a bit of an effort to look after yourself can work wonders on your mood, confidence and fighting spirit.

This evening is the university summer ball. I'm actually not going. Although the headlining act is Feeder, the rest of the music doesn't look too promising. Headache inducing wine and pretending to enjoy the company of people who have either ignored me all year or pretended to be nice whilst behaving like a bitchy nasty 15 year old away from my eyes and ears is not really that much of an appeal. Oh and my nearest and dearest aren't going either. Instead, I'm rather enjoying looking like a human being (eyeliner and everything) for the time being. I have a date with The Boys which largely involves the consumption of some kind of unhealthy take away and a whole lot of lounging around.

Many of the other final years I know see the summer ball as the "last" opportunity to see friends and get together, even though we still have one more exam to go. And if they enjoy it and it's a good night, good for them. Personally, I can't wait to chill out with The Boys. I can think of no better way to enjoy their company before we head off in our separate ways than doing what we do best- talking, eating and taking the mick out of eachother. I'm sure they'd look great in their tuxes, but it just wouldn't be the same.

Anybody else avoiding the usual goodbyes or not giving in to the need to attend events that just aren't "you"? Having just come back from a brief evening with them, I can safely say The Boys and I made the right decision.

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