Wednesday, May 25, 2011

To The Max

So there's a story behind this dress. Back in August and September I had a wedding to go to and a black tie function to go to. In my hunt for dresses, I spotted, ordered by ended up returning a brightly coloured maxi with splashes of pattern, I found a great black dress for my function and something else for the wedding. But the dress looked a little something like this...

Dress, Odd independent shop that was closing down, £5
Cardigan, Primark

Dress, odd independent shop that was closing down £5
T-Shirt, H&M
Cardigan, H&M £9.99
Shoes, H&M
Crossbody Alicia Bag, Nica
Full Length photos thanks to The Guy
Recognise it from the little preview of my recent purchases? That's right, I found it in a shop that was closing down when perusing the shops last week. I'm not sure if it is the exact same one, but it's certainly a strong enough reminder of the original for me to buy it. For £5, I figured there was little to lose, particularly as the original cost around £20.

Loving the bright colours and it's actually quite versatile- so far I've worn it with a cardigan, with a t-shirt over it (as you can see above) and also with a simple v-neck black jumper over the top and a t-shirt underneath.

The only, ever so slight, tiny weeny down side of the maxi dress is dirty feet. Because it's so close to the ground, it tends to drag across the top of my feet leaving me with horrendously dirty feet. I feel I may end up having to take a couple of centimetres of the bottom.

But aside that, I'm loving this dress. Comfy- check. Versatile- check. Something a bit different- check. Suitable for the bipolar weather- check. I wore it on Saturday to travel South. When I left uni it was cloudy and practically gale force winds as well as being chilled but London was beautifully warm and sunny so this worked nicely for both without having to change on the way down or walk the streets of London feeling over hot.

So what do you think? Too much colour and print? A dose of summer despite the reluctant weather?
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