Thursday, June 23, 2011

Holiday Reading Part 3: Ayden

Hello there readers of Chloe Likes To Talk :) My name is Ayden, and I blog over at the Little Blog Of Horrors  Today I'm here with a wee guest post while Chloe is off on her holiday! What a lucky lady. Bring back some sunshine with you eh Chloe? I am 22, from Scotland, and my blog is basically just a little diary of my life and the random goings-on which happen day to day. I was racking my brain for ages trying to thing what I could come up with for a guest post, and today I thought I would share with you all one of my idols, Kat Von D.

Now I know Kat isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I think she is such a strong, independent and inspiring woman. As a tattooed gal myself, I suppose I am a wee bit biased in that sense... but really, I just think she rocks! I thought I would have a bit of fun today and show you a look I tried to recreate using her Tattoo Chronicles makeup palette.

 I have been lucky to acquire this palette and also a couple of lipsticks from Kat's makeup range for Sephora thanks to some American pen pals I have in the USA. Kat also developed a tattoo concealer for her range, and the pictures of it online are absolutely amazing. I have faced some adversity in the past due to my tattoos, but luckily I work in an industry where tattoos and piercings are not frowned upon at all. I would never, ever want to hide my tattoos (why the hell did I get them in the first place eh?) but the concealer is really intriguing, and I'm sure it will prove useful to people who are looking for a quick fix to cover up their tattoos (job interviews, weddings, etc) Anyways, going a bit off track here! The Tattoo Chronicles Palette I have contains eyeshadows, primers, and a little duo roll on perfume. The lipsticks I have are a full sized 'Painted Love' and a little mini 'Cathedral'.

Apart from the packaging being bloody gorgeous, the quality of the products themselves are very impressive. The eyeshadows are very pigmented and smooth to apply, with hardly any fall out. The primer comes in three different shades (each one to be used depending on what colour of eye you are creating) and is pretty heavy duty! Didn't get caught up in the eye crease like some primers can, and made my eyeshadows apply like a dream. All I have to say, is UD Primer Potion and Mac Paint - be afraid by this fierce rival! :) I am a bit stuck in my ways when it comes to perfumes, but both the roll on fragrances in this set were very pleasant and I think would be perfect for a night out to just slip in your handbag. The lipsticks are also fab, while both shades I have being on the lighter side of 'gothic'... I felt very grown up when wearing them, as all my other lipsticks are girlie pinks and corals.

I followed a makeup tutorial by Amanda at Beauty Blogging Blonde where she did an amazing video which was basically a step by step of how to achieve Kat's signature look. So all credit goes to Amanda for her awesome tutorial :) I used the chronicles palettes eyeshadow and primer for my eyes, and the rest of the makeup I used differed slightly to Amanda's choices (different brands, but similar shades and applied them in the exact same way etc) If you would like to know in particular any of the products I did use, leave a wee comment below and I'll let you know :) Once the makeup was applied, my hair back combed and my misfits tshirt in full swing... all that was left was to get into character. So excuse the mental posing, but embracing my inner rock chick was all part of the fun!

I had such a giggle doing this, and it's the first time I have attempted to follow any sort of makeup tutorial and create a 'look' - but I hope you all like it. Piling on the makeup so heavily didn't feel natural at all, especially the thick black eyebrows and star tattoos. I actually sat down to eat dinner and watch a movie with it all still on, completely forgot about it. Just as well my boyfriend is on an overnight trip from work, I think he would have got a bit of a fright if he'd seen me like that! Haha. I would love to try this again, and if I can find some proper rock chick clothes I think this would actually make a pretty good Halloween character.

Well lovelies, it's been a fleeting visit but thank you for reading and thank you to Chloe for having me :) Don't hesitate to pop on over to my blog and say hello if you would like to read more of my random ramblings <3 Lots of love, Ayden x


Anonymous said...

Ayden you look so cool :D your eye makeup is amazing!xxxx

Leanne Cornelius said...

This look is actually amazing! You randomly pull it off really well!!


Lil said...

This is AWESOME. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a Kat Von D Ludwig palette when i was in the US a few years ago and I love it, but now I want this one! Xx