Friday, June 10, 2011

It's a Fact, I'm Back.

It's been a little crazy around here, hence the absence this week *hangs head in sorrow and shame*. But I'm still here and to show you I haven't just been hiding from the world with my head in the clouds, I thought I'd give you a few snapshots of the last 7 days.

 Friday was my birthday, we also received our final degree classifications, so a hectic and emotional day and there was plenty of celebrating to be done!

From L-R
Gaz, Rhodri, Ryan, Dev, Kamilla, Tom and Moi

I'm unbelievably proud of us all, because more than anything- we made it! I came out with a 2:2 overall, Tom managed a 2:1 with 1 distinction in Italian and Dev. Well Dev managed a 1st with THREE distinctions. Needless to say he has worked his backside off and I'm incredibly proud of him and to have him as my friend. So well done to us- the Triple Major Languages class of 2011.

Sunday was time to head home, having packed up my cell room in halls and I was greeted with afternoon tea made by my dad as a birthday/well done celebration. Sweet and savoury scones, lemon and blueberry birthday cake, Champagne- perfection. My wonderful Dad also put together a gorgeous three course dinner for that evening- King Prawn salad with avocado, Chateau Briand with Bordelaise and Bearnaise sauces and Elderflower Champagne and Strawberry jelly. I would love nothing more than to show you all of this yummy yummy food, but my last pair of batteries decided to run out of charge after the first picture of my birthday cake.

Monday brought the unpacking. I'm going to be at home for a while, as I currently don't have a job lined up, so lots of re-organising of my space and wardrobes going on.


 And from unpacking one suitcase, to packing another. I'm headed off for a 10 day holiday on Monday. The Guy and I are very much looking forward to 10 days of sun, swimming, Spanish wine and lots and lots of reading.

Let the packing commence...

More on the holiday at the weekend- boy do I have some treats for you whilst I'm away!

Having unpacked, started the job hunt, done half a ton of washing and ironing, dropped in and out of the office, had my hair cut, managed a few other pre-holiday appointments, a quick shopping trip for a few last minute holiday bits and tried my best to get settled back at home, I decided to have an evening with The Guy last night. We went to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie at the cinema. I've seen bits of all the Pirates movies and it was an enjoyable movie to watch that didn't require too much concentration- exactly what I was after.

Cinema treats- a bucket full of Diet Coke
 So there we go, It's been a busy 7 days, and I haven't abandoned you, promise. How's your week been? All systems go or a slow one? Anybody else counting down to a holiday?

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