Saturday, June 25, 2011

Up, Down, Round Town

Honey.... I'm home. Actually that's not exactly true. I'm currently schlepping me, my stuff, The Guy and an anniversary card for my great aunt and uncle down to the South East. It's their Golden Wedding anniversary and they're having a kind of party/gathering thing at their home this evening. I look a bit likes this...

Black City Shorts, somewhere in Spain, several (6 ish?!) years ago
T-Shirt, H&M
Necklace, DKNY
Ring (Left), Local Jeweller
Ring (Right), Shaun Leane
 But I am back in the country after a relaxing and sun filled 10 days of holiday and my tan has been described as plain disgusting by my ever so slightly jealous mum. I'd love to tell you all that I had some wild and exciting tales of parties or cultural experience, or voyages to exotic locations or restaurants. The truth is somewhat less glamorous, 10 days of laying on a sun lounger attached to my Kindle, a few good meals, a few dips in a very brisk swimming pool and a lot of letting go. It looked a bit like this....

My Kindle- L.O.V.E
From balcony of apartment
Just another bar on the sea front, but the cocktails were buy one, get one free, and we were easily persuaded.
Holiday food

Cheese, Chorizo, Black Pepper, San Miguel, German crackers and The Guy's olives

I did put actual clothes on, on one or two occasions, unfortunately I forgot to get pictures of most of them, I was just too busy having fun, I did get this one though- or more accurately The Guy did.

Dress, Stradivarius (Spanish High St Shop) from last year
Bracelet, Primark,
Sandals (just seen), Primark
I know 10 days of reading, swimming and eating is not to everybody's taste, but when The Guy and I booked this trip, it was with exactly this in mind and it was precisely what was needed. It's been a pretty tough six months and given a chance to charge our batteries, we grabbed it with both hands, particularly the chance to relinquish our BlackBerrys and leave behind the tone of e-mails and the shriek of text messages. And for me to be able to do that, 3 fabulous ladies took over for me.

Did you catch Holiday Reading? Part 1 came from the ever fabulous Alex of Odd Socks and Pretty Frocks she did a stellar job of providing some literary recommendations for all. Part 2 cam from Bee of Vivatramp if I ever work out how she got so wise, I'm bottling me some and selling it. Last but not least, Ayden from Little Blog of Horrors. Part 3 was an education for me and something completely new and different for CLTT. If you haven't seen their posts, please go check them out, three of my favouritest amazing blog-y ladies and they've provided more than fabulous Holiday Reading- thank you ladies.

Hello also to a more than a few new faces. My little corner of the web appears to have grown since I've been gone. Hi *waves in slightly peculiar manner*, welcome and I hope you enjoy.

And now looking to the future, well next week, I have something pretty exciting to show you and I think you're going to like it... but until then, have a lovely weekend queridas (do I have any queridos? Would love to know if there are any male readers of Chloe Likes To Talk) and here's hoping for some sunshine
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