Sunday, June 12, 2011

We're All Going On A Summer Holiday

 I've been eagerly awaiting this trip for some time. The Guy and I are off to Lanzarote for 10 days of lounging about in the sun with our favourite books and maybe an occasional swim to break the day up.

I managed to slip out to pick up a few last minute essentials on Wednesday and found a couple of extras too, which I thought I'd share, as I'm rather pleased with my goodies.

Bikini brief bottoms, £3 Primark
Bikini bandeau top (matching), £5 Primark
Gold and Rope Sandals, £8 Primark
Bracelet, £2 Primark
Striped T-Shirt, £7.99 H&M
Kindle (Christmas Gift), Kindle Gelaskins cover, Birthday Gift
Kindle Gelaskins Cover, Birthday Gift (available from Amazon)
My very lovely parents bought me my Kindle 3G for Chirstmas and it's been love ever since. I do have a more solid case that zips up around it, to protect it when it's in a bag or I'm on the move, but I was lusting after something a bit prettier. The "skins"/"covers" are actually a bit like vinyl stickers that you (VERY carefully and gently) stick to the Kindle. I lovelovelove this particular design, because not only is it colourful and distinctive, the more you look at it, the more you notice. The titles of the books of puns of well known titles, and there are all sorts of quirks on the shelves like a curled up cat in one corner, and a view over fields from another.

I know, I know, not technically one of the purchases I am showing you, but I had to share, because it's gorgeous and I am taking my well stocked Kindle with me.

But back to the purchases...

Clockwise from Top Left
Primark Bracelet as above,
Primark Sandals as above- perfect for evening or day time
Bikini Top as above- love the little button details. The Primark Bandeau tops also have detachable straps- no more tan lines for me!
H&M Tee as above, I love that the strips show skylines and scenes, when you looks closer.
Just a few little bits to add to my staple denim shorts and simple sun dresses that are so easy for this kind of holiday. You like?

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