Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chloe Likes To Eat

The Sandwich. Some might say the Humble Sandwich. On brown bread or white, with butter or without, vegetarian or meaty, toasted or otherwise, the sandwich is a quick and easy solution for many a meal and a British favourite. But I love a good sandwich and in house there's constant proof the a sarnie doesn't have to be boring.

The Sandwich

Homemade Wholemeal Bread
Leftover Barbecued Lamb
Iceberg Lettuce

Other favourite sandwiches at home:

Hummus and Chicken:
A layer of hummus on homemade wholemeal bread, chicken (simple grilled chicken, garlic chicken, left ovewr roasted chicken....) some rocket leaves and a good turn of black pepper.

Tuna Open Sandwiches:
1 slice of toasted bread topped with our own Tuna Savoury (tuna, red onions, peppers, tomato, a splash of tabasco sauce,plent of black pepper and a small spoonful of mayo), and some simple salad.

Cheese Toasties:
Homemade wholemeal bread, dijon mustard, mature cheddar cheese, tomatoes, onions, worcestershire sauce all shoved into the sandwich toaster- or if you haven't got one, I found a dry pan on a low heat will do a great job, so long as you keep a closse eye and remember to turn the sandwich.

Although I work very close to home, there are days when getting home for lunch just isn't going to happen, and on those days I tend to visit the sandwich shop next door to our office. Even in a town full of competing cafes and take-aways, it always surprises me how limited/safe/boring the filling choices can be. I like garlic. And pickles. And Chutneys. I can have egg mayo or ham salad any time. Although usually through necessity, if I'm buying a sandwich, sometimes, just sometimes it would be nice to see something that I couldn't or wouldn't make for myself, and it's this that I reckon gives the sandwich is bad name as boring.

A sandwich actually has endless potential, with the variety of bread available from supermarkets if you don't/can't make your own, and between those 2 yummy slices of ciabatta or seeded brown or walnut and onion bread, there really could be anything- meat, fish, spreads like hummus and tsatziki, extra flavours like harissa or chutney or pickle, left over grilled vegetables- peppers and courgettes are great with pesto or hummus, salad leaves- iceberg, rocket, spinach, little gem, romaine, cucumber, radishes, beetroot....

Do you have a favourite sandwich filling? If you are vegetarian, do you find sandwich shops/cafes limited with their options? I want to know!


daisychain said...

Ok, favourite sandwich fillings...

Humous and roasted vegetables

Chicken and avacado

Chicken/turkey and marmite

Hard boiled egg, ketchup and rocket

Peanut butter


I love sandwichessss.

Charlotte Sparkle said...

Great post, that sandwich looks tasty. Some nice sandwich ideas there too, thanks.

Iceberg lettuce, onion, cucumber and tomatoes are a must for a good sandwich I believe.

I love coleslaw and sandwich pickles occasionally too.

One of my all time favourites is cheese and onion crisps on white buttered bread, yummy!

Sam @ Polka Dot Dreams said...

I love a good sandwich! I made a homemade rosemary and sea salt focaccia bread at the weekend and made a sandwich with leftover gammon, salad an mustard - it was yummy! x

Alex said...

Mmmm, sandwiches. I have quite childish taste really - I love chicken paste with sliced beef tomato. Oh and cold sausage sandwiches. Mmmmmm!

Buying them from shops is a pain though cos the choice of dairy free butties is dreadful. I usually end up going for a wrap but even then the choice is restricted as so many have cheese or sour cream in. I love the M&S hummus and butternut squash ones though.