Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lazy Girl Days

Growing up with parents in catering and working in catering myself until a couple of years ago, Friday has never held the particular allure that it does for those who don't work at the weekend. However, I'm now an office body, and although there is some work to do of a weekend, when Friday afternoon comes around, I'm usually thinking happily of lie-ins, of our traditional Sunday Pizzas and a little bit of time off.

As far as a Saturday goes, this one has been pretty standard. I didn't exactly jump out of bed at the crack of dawn, although The Guy did have to get up for work this morning. The cleaning has been done- this house suddenly seems 3 times bigger when it needs cleaning on a Saturday. For the first time all week, washing has been dried on the line outside instead of the clothes horse in the spare room and the ironing is up to date. But that only got me to about 1430.... plenty of time to enjoy an afternoon to myself then.

Trying to pick a photo to go into my graduation present from my parents....
Aforementioned graduation present....

Dos Velas par el Diablo, Spanish-German dictionary, snacks, BB 
Having realised quite how long I've been finished at uni last week, I decided it was time to get back into the habit of reading in other languages again. I have a fair collection of fiction in French, German and Spanish, most of which have been collected from book exchanges in hotels/resorts in Europe on holidays. This is a fairly easy going Spanish thriller I'm on with.

As for the snacks, another addition to the Spanish theme....

Salted Almonds- the salt is so fine it's almost like a dusting.
I love almonds like this. They're roasted and dusted with extremely fine salt. I discovered them when living in Valencia and asked my mum and dad to bring me some back from their last trip to Spain. These little beauties are FAR too easy to scoff down!

So that's my lazy girl day. Dinner will be a relaxed one with the parents. We usually have lunch around our dining table, but dinner is often eaten at the coffee table, nice and relaxed and comfy. Not to everybody's taste I know, but it's how we like to do it. More on the contents of the plate next week for the next installment of Chloe Likes To Eat. If you missed the first one, you can see it here

On a last note- hello everybody. Chloe Likes To Talk seems to be going through a  growth spurt at the moment, so welcome to all 92 of you, new and old followers. As I'm heading rapidly towards the 100 mark, I'm hoping to plan a little something, so keep your eyes peeled.
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