Thursday, July 14, 2011

Red and Gold

Dev, me, Tom
Yesterday was graduation day for us. Unfortunately, due to a branding overhaul at our university, we looked a bit of an odd bunch with 2 different hoods depending on which uni name we picked for our certificates.

It's been a very tough four years for the 3 of us, and despite being pretty indifferent to the whole ceremony/tradition thing, it was great to see ourselves graduating, wearing stupid hats and 4 tonnes of polyester. We made it.

Mum and I before the ceremony.

After the ceremony, The Boys
From L-R
Tim, Me, Geoff, Gaz, Dev, Cian (who is a graduate but didn't take part in the ceremony)

Me, next to our university sign, after the ceremony and ditchnig my VERY hot gown.
I decided to keep it simple for the ceremony, the dress is Boohoo and it had a large jewelled bib which I removed because it made the dress look a bit cheap and over the top, comfiest H&M shoes and feather bag from ASOS to add a bit of glamour.

So that's it. I can now officially call myself Chloe Martin-Brown BA(hons). Now.... to find a PROPER job.



Hannah said...

Congratulations on graduating! I graduated from Aberystwyth last year and we had the same issue with the gowns - half of us in shiny blue and the other half in green and red. We looked a bit of a mess! x

Eloise said...

congrats! I graduated last year from Staffordshire university, sept I missed my graduation! Sigh


ps love the dress

ooh poet!


Michelle / Daisybutter said...

Congrats Chloe! You look lovely (: Good luck with your job hunt, I'm sure you'll find something soon. xx

Mal said...


Charlotte Sparkle said...

Nice photos. Considering it's a silly hat you look good in it. I like that splash of red and gold too.

That dress in your last photo is really nice and with you stood next to that colourful Bangor University sign it makes for a wonderful photograph.

Congratulations once again.

Samantha Lui said...

Congrats on graduating!

Last year for my high school grad, we got to keep our gowns...which I find kind of useless and funny!!

Maria Fallon said...

You look lovely! I graduate on Monday and I am nervous! I need a job too :(

Maria xxx

Sienna said...

you look SO gorgeous. congratuatlions lovely!!

Rachel said...

Congrats! You look lovely, I've been stressing out trying to find an outfit for my graduation today which is on Wednesday. I'm thinking a simple black dress is the way to go, everyone I've asked has suggested it!x

Alex said...

Congratulations lovely! I'm so pleased you had a good day.

helen turnbull said...

you look lovely. its over too quickly. now to find a proper job or even any one that will pay me! ha

Helen, X