Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chloe Likes To Eat

Christmas- love it or hate it, there are some foody things that are instantly recognisable.

Christmas Pudding
Christmas Pudding for example.... Now, I'm not going mad, and these pictures are not from Christmas 2010 either. We ate Christmas Pudding this week. In August. With custard.

I'm not really a massive fan of the festive period, I like Christmas to remain firmly in the latter half of December and much prefer a New Year shingdig. That said, I don't loathe it either, and one reason is (naturally, this is me we're talking about...) food.

I really like Christmas Pudding, though not as much as my mother does. My mother is the reason we do in fact have a Christmas Pudding in the cupboard that needs using up, in August. To explain- my mother loves Christmas Pudding so much, that we had a spare one in the cupboard in case we couldn't get South to our family due to bad weather, because for Mum you can't have Christmas (however unconventional some of our other meals/activities/preferences may be) without pudding.

It's rich, it's boozy, it's very British and I'm firmly in the custard camp (ice cream... and pudding... NEVER). The Christmas Pudding might be a bit eccentric, but we enjoyed it.

Pudding and custard.
FYI ours was a Tesco Finest version, and one of the nicest I've had (including several homemade ones) for quite some years.

Away from foody things for a moment, I also wanted to thank those who commented on Let It Be. I've often been nervous, both online and IRL when sharing hopes, dreams and ambitions. So often they attract a lot of negativity.It was heartwarming to read encouragement and words of compliments on determination. So thank you. 
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