Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Chloe Likes To Eat

In the last 7 days I've eaten traditional Sunday pizza, Authentic Thai food courtesy of The Guy's friend and his wife, Greek Meze, numerous sandwiches and salads and a cheeky piece of homemade flapjack, amongst a few other bits, but this week's Chloe Likes To Eat is....

Chips. Well, actually it's battered sausage, crispy batter crumbs and chips, washed down with Dandelion and Burdock, eaten by the river.

The Guy and I are were at a loose end one evening, unable to get into either of our kitchens, hungry and The Guy was craving chips. So to the chip shop we went. Turns out we both have shameful liking of the same chip shop fayre....

Yes, I'm aware that this isn't even close to healthy, being as I'm supposed to be on a mission to get fighting fit but DAMN, it was tasty. The chips were *fromthepanouchmymmouth* hot and crispy and not too thick without being their American counter-parts- the fry. Oh and I also only go to a chip shop once every 2-3 years *read- still trying to justify this....*

If you're looking for some comfort food nostalgia, if you've had enough of Chinese vs Indian/ Thai vs Kebab/ Pizza vs Burger, the consider a wander to your nearest chippy. Sometimes it's good to keep it simple.

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