Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hot Damn, Summer In The City

So, the one time I need to wear a jacket, it's 30+ degrees in London. PHEW! I was away for a few days doing interviews in London, thank you all for your good wishes and now it's a case of waiting for the outcomes and cracking on with more applications.

A little confession to make- I was a bad blogger whilst away in London, I didn't take a single photo worth showing you. As I was really only in the city for my interviews, I didn't really go anywhere or do anything to show you and I didn't even manage to get a proper outfit shot. To give you a little flavour, I do have these phone pictures though...

Duchess Grey Dress, Tesco
Cropped Tux Jacket, La Redoute
Bag, H&M

Pussybow Midi Dress, ASOS

And these pictures I took last night. I just happen to spot them in the garden at home and the colour drew me closer.

Oh and I love the little spots too. They remind me of animal print in an odd sort of a way.

The other excitement (well from my perspective certainly) is that there are now 101 people expressing an interest in what I have to talk about, and I do like to talk. Hello all *waves* and welcome. Thanks for visiting.

As a little thank you, I'll be launching a give-away tomorrow featuring a few lovely faces you might recognise. There'll be three prizes up for grabs so come back tomorrow to see more. Until then...
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