Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hot Damn, Summer In The City

So, the one time I need to wear a jacket, it's 30+ degrees in London. PHEW! I was away for a few days doing interviews in London, thank you all for your good wishes and now it's a case of waiting for the outcomes and cracking on with more applications.

A little confession to make- I was a bad blogger whilst away in London, I didn't take a single photo worth showing you. As I was really only in the city for my interviews, I didn't really go anywhere or do anything to show you and I didn't even manage to get a proper outfit shot. To give you a little flavour, I do have these phone pictures though...

Duchess Grey Dress, Tesco
Cropped Tux Jacket, La Redoute
Bag, H&M

Pussybow Midi Dress, ASOS

And these pictures I took last night. I just happen to spot them in the garden at home and the colour drew me closer.

Oh and I love the little spots too. They remind me of animal print in an odd sort of a way.

The other excitement (well from my perspective certainly) is that there are now 101 people expressing an interest in what I have to talk about, and I do like to talk. Hello all *waves* and welcome. Thanks for visiting.

As a little thank you, I'll be launching a give-away tomorrow featuring a few lovely faces you might recognise. There'll be three prizes up for grabs so come back tomorrow to see more. Until then...


Temporary:Secretary said...

LOVE the flower photography. Can't wait for the giveaway - i hope it all goes well, and it gets you lots of new readers. (hope Niki sent our goodies to you, i thought it would be an accessory with a difference!) x

Sienna said...

yay london! i love your gray dress belle

daisychain said...

you look incredible in that grey dress! xo

Etta said...

I love the pink dress! It matches the flowers!! Great photographs!

Charlotte Sparkle said...

Nice outfits, hope your interviews went well. Great flower photos!

Alex said...

Wow, those flower photos are stunning! I never seem to be in the garden with my camera at the right time to get decent flower pics.

Very much liking both of your new frocks. Tres chic.

The Cat Hag said...

Hey Sweetie,

So how did the interviews go? Did you get any job offers yet? Good luck with that, I hope you find your dream job soon! :)

Of course I would highly recommend Forever 21, they have a great variety of stuff at really reasonable prices.

Be sure to post your haul! ♥

The Cat Hag
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Unknown said...

Those flowers are so pretty, and they go perfectly with your pink dress too!

Eloise said...

oh aren't lillys lovely? Shame they stain your clothes silly but they just look so nice!
Hope the interviews went well