Sunday, August 21, 2011

Let It Be

And that's another week done and dusted. It feels a bit like everything has slotted into place as if it was always meant to happen with all of the goings on of the last 7 days. I have decided to start a law conversion course this September, which I've duly applied for, now I just have to hope I get onto the course. This is couple with the 1 day per week work experience that starts tomorrow. A solicitor networking colleague has kindly agreed to have me in his office and send me off to whoever is doing the most interesting things on the days I'm there.

And something which I know has been a bit of a surprise to some of the lovely ladies I speak with regularly. I've applied to join HM Forces. I won't be going into massive detail about which force or the specific job on here, because provided I get in, it could be a bit tricky if it's plastered all over the web, but this is actually something I've been wanting to apply for since this time last year. I spotted a recruitment ad online last summer, and gave it some serious thought having never entertained the idea of a military career before, and realised that it offered me everything I wanted: a challenge, the chance to use my language skills and learn new languages, the motivation I need to get fit and stay fit, a life as much as a job and (yes I know it sounds corny and stupid) the chance to do something that makes a difference to the world we live in.

In short, my DREAM job. Some people have questioned why I'm taking the GDL this year if I intend to go into the Forces, but the chances are, that if (and let's not forget it's an IF) then it'll be a year from now before I begin training (at the very least) and I need something to do in that time, as much as I need a plan B. It's going to be an interesting year.

In other news, these are the nails I've been rocking (read shoving into the shredder at work and chipping to hell) this week

Ring Finger, Mad Hatter OPI
Others, Purple Heart GOSH
Thought I'd give the ring finger accent thingy a go, not sure this colour combo is quite right, so off to try it with some shades of pink today. Totally in love with the Purple Heart polish though. It was my £3.99 treat to myself when I was in London earlier in the month and although these pictures don't really show it, it's a gorgeous duochrome of darkest green and purple

GOSH- Purple Heart

And now I'm off to read some more of the blog posts I've neglected to read this week, drink some Cherry and Berry fruit squash and maybe have a nibble of one of the cakes I made yesterday.
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