Monday, August 15, 2011

Rings On Her Fingers And Bells On Her Toes

Ok, so maybe not bells on my toes but rings are one of my favourite pieces of jewellery, and some recent rediscoveries and a recent aquisition prompted the thought that maybe I showed you some of my very favouritest rings.

Silver Rings, rediscovery. Originally from small shop, somewhere Spanish speaking 5-6 years ago

Silver Rings, rediscovery. Originally from small shop, somewhere Spanish speaking 5-6 years ago.
Middle Finger- ASOS Kissing Mice Ring
Ring Finger- Antique gold ring, gift from my grandmother. The green stone does have a name, I'm just not sure of it.

Silver ring, bought with money given to me by my family for my 18th birthday.

Middle Finger- As above
Ring Finger- another rediscovery, as above. I think this one is a British High St Special.

Birthday/Graduation present from my parents. More on this one HERE
Bought with money given to me by my family for my 21st Birthday, Shaun Leane

What are you reaching for at the moment and are you as jewel-addicted as I am?


KLEE said...

i thought the kissing mouse one was a bow and loved it then i realised what it was and now i love it even more!! you have an amazing collection x

Etta said...

I love these, they are stunning! Really liking the ones from Spain!

Temporary:Secretary said...

The mice ring is ADORABLE! x

Olivia said...

These are all so lovely! x

Samantha Lui said...

All those rings are so awesome! I especially love the kissing mice one and the last one with the pinkish pearls.

Rachel said...

The kissing mice one is really cute :) x

Sienna said...

i dont like the feel of wearing a ton of jewelry so rings are PERFECT for me because they just kind of go away when you wear them, haha. im obsessed too, and i seriously LOVE that first silver doesnt even look like a ring, its totally avant garde

daisychain said...

I LOVE that first ring, so unique!

Leanne Cornelius said...

The first ring is amazing! You have some seriously gorgeous rings!

So jealous!


Lauren said...

You have some really lovely unique rings xx

Winnie said...

I really like the look of that silver half-circle ring, it's really unusual!

Hannah said...

cool rings

Bow Dream Nation xx