Monday, September 26, 2011

Chloe Likes...

I have a confession to make. A big one. Regarding Dry Shampoo.
I only discovered dry shampoo 12 months ago.  
There, I said it. I was introduced to it by a friend who used to do a lot of festivals. Before this magical point in time, I had no idea that such a product existed. I simply washed my hair each day and got on with it. If it was looking a little less than clean, up it went into a pony tail or a top knot. Since discovering dry shampoo, I still wash my hair most days because I can’t stand not to when I’ve been out running, or when at uni I was swimming regularly, but when waking up and realising there’s no hot water, or washing my hair the night before only wake up and realise it’s not going to play ball and looks lank and limp, dry shampoo is my friend.

Like so many, Batiste was the very first dry shampoo I used.  Persuaded to buy the Blush variety, I’ve since discovered that Tropical is my scent of choice. After realising that you really do need to hold the can 30 (ish) cm from your head, Tropical Batiste and I have been firm friends ever since. So much so that I have mini travel sized ones in washbags and make up bags etc.

Recently I was offered the chance to try the new Batiste XXL Volume version of Batiste. I was quite excited by this, as some who has quite flat hair and having never ventured into the minefield of volume products out there, mainly because I’m too lazy to have to do much more than comb and occasionally straighten my hair each day. This, well this was not such an instantaneous hit. It took me a while to get to grips with the much heavier texture, the need to hold it further than the recommended 30 cm away, and the almost sticky feel of the product once it’s in your hair. Having adjusted to this, I still wouldn’t buy it. I’ve been able to use it where I know others really haven’t, and it’s done the job but I don’t think it adds masses of volume, it has a slightly sticky feel to it and after 4-6 hours this leaves my hair feeling dirty and as a product, it definitely takes some trial and error work to get used to. Personally, give me the standard Tropical Batiste any day.

Having tried 2 different dry shampoos, but both by Batiste, I recently (and somewhat apprehensively) ventured further afield. I’m a big fan of TRESemme products. I use their shampoo and conditioner and their heat protection spray is great, so when their dry shampoo was one of the products available to make up my 3 for £10 deal recently, I thought, go on, be a devil.

First appearances, good. Smells nice, similar destructions to Batiste. Further inspection, not so good. It did nothing for my hair, nothing at all. It was as though I hadn’t applied anything to it. Finding it a bit odd, I tried giving my hair another going over. Still very minimal effect. A slightly reduction in the grease I was trying to cover, but negligible. Next try, I sprayed a bit closer to my head, and much like Batiste, this mean very white patches. Once I combed that through with my fingers, the TRESemme made a difference, but still nowhere near as good as my beloved Batiste and so far I seemed to have used about 1/3 of the can. Not what I’d call good value as the can size is only 200ml.

I was really saddened that the TRESemme Instant Refresh dry shampoo was such a let down, being such a fan of their other products, and although TRESemme market themselves as affordable, the 200ml can from ASDA costs £4.38 which is pretty poor value if you only get a mediocre result over 3-5 uses. All this said, there are a number of different types of dry shampoo in the range that may work better.
I think it’s great when brands who make something you love come up with improvements or new ideas, but sometimes the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” rules apply in a big way (Coke Zero, I’m looking at you too...) and no more so than with Batiste, I shall be sticking with my faithful Tropical version, although enjoying the new larger sized can (hello value for money!) and as for you TRESemme, maybe time for a bit more product development?


Sarah said...

I just bought some more Batiste today and was considering trying a new version from the original, or a new brand altogether, but I'm quite glad I didn't now!

Lauren said...

I was given a can of Batiste a few months ago and it was amazing. I need a new can, I bought some other dry shampoos and they're only iffy. I didn't know XXL existed, thanks for this post!

Lima said...

I love your writin style, it's like you're talking to me, ha! <3 Can't go wrong with a bottle of Batiste. I keep a mini bottle in my bag, not for oily roots, but just to give my hair that volumising boost! xo

Alex said...

Oh that's not good about the TRESemme one. Although I haven't tried many of their products, I have their heat protection spray and it seems to work really well for me.

I have loads of Batiste mini cans in various handbags. So useful.

I V Y said...

alright that's it, i want to try dry shampoo now!

xo zebra and meerkat

Mon Cheri said...

I love dry shampoos, but i'll know to stay away from the Tresemme one now, thanks :)

&& Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog <3 my cat IS a russian blue ;)
Claire xox

char said...

i have to admit, i have never tried a dry shampoo.
when i was younger we used to do that talc trick, which i guessis the same kind of thing.

Crazy for fashion said...

I didn´t know about the XXL! In Spain I´ve necver seen it, so every time I go to London I always buy at least 3 or 4 cans! Lovely blog and very interesting post! <3<3

Anonymous said...

Really wanna try a dry shampoo, never used one before I think im going to go for the batiste :)