Thursday, September 8, 2011

In The Middle Of The Night

ASDA Midnight
ASDA Glitter Top Coat
OPI Madd Hatter (on ring finger)

When I recently spied someone wearing a black polish with glitter in it from Topshop, I got a bit inspired. I've never been a fan of black polish, but this seemed to be a perfect lighter way to wear it. And it turns out that Asda is the perfect place to find nail polishes to experiment with too.

I do in fact have a life and do NOT spend my entire time in Asda, despite how it may appear this week!

The black polish is, like all the George at Asda colours it would seem, Quick Dry, and it does, dry quickly I mean. And that for me is a huge bonus- patience is not my virtue. But even better than that is the price. The black polish and the top coat set me back a whole £1.95 each. That's less than half the price of an OPI or Models Own colour for TWO bottles. This my friends, makes me happy.

George at ASDA Glitter Top Coat, £1.95
George at ASDA Midnight, £1.95
I'm sure a lot of you who are more nail-savvy than me would contest the quality of these polishes, but personally, I've been very unimpressed with Models Own, and whilst I like OPI polishes, I detest the price tag. I also find that even better quality polishes rarely stand the abuse a heap on my hands any better than more budget brands like GOSH.

Anybody else tried the Asda polishes? Let me know if it's love or loathe.
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