Sunday, September 4, 2011

New Favourite Jeans

Despite being an item a wear on a very regular basis, I find jeans a bit of a nightmare. Finding a fit that works and that can accommodate my ever changing shape and weight seems to be a bit of a chore and a needle-in-a-haystack type job. In my despair last week, I picked up these Primark skinny jeans, in a bid to try something new with colour but also a last resort as my favourite Topshop Martha jeans are falling down to the point of obscenity.

Turns out it was a good move. Not only am I in love with the colour for autumn, it's really nice to wear skinny jeans again. They're something that I've shuffled away from and left alone for a while, but I'm firmly back into these. They also have the added benefit of staying put without me having to hoist them up every 30 seconds- definite bonus after the last few months!

A bottom half shot for you, to see them in all their glory.

Jeans, £11 Primark
Shoes, Tesco Sale (January)
So.... things I love about my new jeans....
They fit (well, better than my old ones anyway), the amazing colour that goes with pretty much anything, they don't look completely like jeans straight off- great for the office, the price....

Primark Skinny Jeans, £11
Primark Boyfriend Jumper
Specs Necklace, Temporary Secretary
Also thought I'd have a bit of a play with this headband. I won it from the lovely  Fashion Bandit last year, but it has since sat in my box of hair "things" with me too scared to have a go with it. Not sure it's quite me, but it was fun to try. any thoughts?

There are still some very pretty shoes up for grabs on my SALE section, as well as some dresses from Spanish brands unavailable in the UK. Go check it out.



Michelle / Daisybutter said...

I've seen so many bloggers rave about Primark jeans now, I think I'm going to have to get off my high horse and buy a pair, because these are JUST the colour I've been hunting for. Hope you're all good Chloe. (:

daisychain said...

I've never got on with Primark jeans, I might have to give them another whirl though

Maria Fallon said...

I have never tried Primark jeans but a few people have said about them so I think I'm gonna have to try them now, especially as you look so gorge!

Maria xxx

Charlie said...

Love the jeans! Need to go to primark soon! x

A Thrifty Mrs said...

I haven't had much success with Primark jeans but I'll be giving them a go after this rave.
Loving that headscarf.