Thursday, September 1, 2011

Squeezing In The Seasons

I quite like the early autumn, to me it means the start of new things (the perils of being in education for so long), the excuse to cover up my limbs a bit more and the mass exodus of tourists who take with them their incompetent driving, their caravans and their screeching children. All this said, I don't really have an autumn wardrobe, just like I don't really have a spring wardrobe, in terms of the clothes I wear, I tend to go straight from "summer" (looking out of the window I see black clouds, trees being blown about and rain from earlier this morning sitting on the ground and the cars...) to winter and back again. Dresses suddenly are worn with tights or leggings or with bare legs, shorts come out and are then promptly boxed up again, tee's suddenly find themselves covered in thick wooly cardigans and I bounce from that nude pinky colour and navy to jewel tones and black, and then right back again.

This year, in light of the unusual situation I find myself in- working and hopefully about to be a Post-Grad student, I thought I'd use the opportunity to pull myself out of my comfort zone and try a few new things for Autumn to try and ease myself from "summer" (I've never worn jeans as much as I have done this year...) to winter and squeezing that extra season in. Cue trip to Primark when in Manchester last week....

Nude slouchy fishtail t-shirt, £6 Primark
Rust coloured skinny jeans, £11 Primark
Specs necklace, Temporary Secretary

I know that Primark is a love or hate kinda thing, but for £17 I got to try a whole new look for the new season. If I have to chuck these jeans and this top in 2 months time, I won't feel I've been robbed and I will have tried something new.

Psst...If you're not mad keen on battling through your local Primark, you should check out Jen's guide to shopping there which you can find here
Leopard print flats, Tesco (January sale)
I've also been playing with Picnik a bit more which is a great reminder of how much you can do with free photo editing software if you're a complete amateur with your photos like I am.

Anybody else out there braving new worlds of colour this season? If you fancy trying something new with a bargain price tag, check out the bits I've got going on the new SALE Page


Laura said...

i love that rosey pink colour and how its actually surprisingly good as an autumn colour!

you look lovely xoxo

Alex said...

I've always pretty much worn anything I own at any time of the year (massive jumpers in summer not included). I don't know how these people with two wardrobes cope! All my stuff has to be versatile.

LOVE those jeans though. I'm currently hankering after a bright green pair.

Maria Fallon said...

You look gorgeous! :D

Maria xxx