Monday, October 31, 2011

All Those Things She Said. Running Through My Head.

It started with an ad on a website. An inkling of an idea. I never thought it would even be close to possible. It took a couple of months to work out that it was something I really liked the idea of. It took another month to brave telling my mother that's what I was thinking about. Then began the waiting. Then came the optimism when things started to happen. Then came... well, devastation.

I am in fact talking about the Royal Air Force. I first discovered their careers options about 18 months ago, and when the applications opened for my dream job about 4 months ago, I went for it. I had nothing to lose. In deciding that I wanted to join the Air Force though, I also realised that after 3 years of painful movement and therapy, I was going to have to learn how to run.

I should explain. As a result of a few injuries in my mid teens, I had problems with a twisted pelvis aged 19. Something only recognised after numerous appointments with Dr's and eventually resorting to paying a (truly fantastic) Sports Therapist £40 per hour to beat me to kingdom come. I never really thought *proper* running would happen after that. But I persevered, because I couldn't risk of losing my dream career to dodgy hip. I started a running program designed for Forces Rehabilitation (I know about it because TG went through rehab at Hedley Court a couple of years ago), then progressed to Couch25K style programmes.

Now don't get me wrong, I can still only do all of about 2.8KM in 17 minutes. But this time 6 months ago I probably could only have done 2.8KM in 30 minutes. What a difference it makes when you have something to aim for.

A few weeks ago an envelope dropped into our postbox. It was a plain envelope, but the first thing I saw upon pulling out the 3 sheets inside was the RAF logo. And the Medical Board stamp. The first sheet was promising. Declaring me permanently unfit for Air Crew, but otherwise fit for service. I'm not interested in flying, so being permanently unfit for Air Crew selection is neither a surprise, as I have less than perfect vision, nor a problem. The second sheet, well that was slightly different. I couldn't really miss the big letters across the ground branch listings. They read Permanently Unfit All Branches.

I did query the results, just to check there wasn't something that I'd missed or that could be appealed. The call came whilst I was in conference with counsel. The end of the road. I didn't really have time to digest this information. I was sat between a solicitor and a barrister, opposite our clients. But the dream was officially over.

When it did register was when I looked at my trainers the following day. Thinking of heading out for a run, I looked at them. Then I cried a little bit. I know they're only trainers, I know it's just a job. But it was my dream job. I worked hard to get over the barriers I had allowed to get in my way. And I failed my medical because my right eye has a weak muscle in it. A problem that does not prevent me from holding a driving license, working, being able to see out of that eye, it's also rectified when I'm wearing glasses or contact lenses.

I'm lucky. I lost out on my dream job, but I'd already started my GDL. I have other options and a plan that was running parallel. I speak 3 languages and by June I should have an equivalent qualifying law degree. I have a job, I do amazing work experience. I live a comfortable life with my parents and I am not seriously disabled in any way. It didn't stop me from glaring at my trainers for 2 weeks though.

And now. Now what. Well there came a point and a tweet. The tweet mentioned people who should be aiming higher. Mentioned someone's inability to run a year ago, someone who just finished a marathon. And I wondered. I thought "What if she means people like me?" and "What if I'm turning into one of those people?".

And so yesterday, instead of glaring at my trainers, or muttering at them, or being more than a bit pathetic whilst they're looking at me from the bottom of my wardrobe. I put them on. Along with my comfiest running bottoms and a t-shirt. And I made myself run one of my routes. Because I *can*. Because I should be aiming higher, rather than the jaded feeling I had. Because I am lucky. Because I am better than being defeated by a a dream that can't come true.

That person, by the way was Bangs and a Bun. Someone who has been a big inspiration whilst I was training for the Forces, because by the way, she just ran a MARATHON, but more than that, someone who has given me something a whole lot bigger. A great big reminder that I can aim higher, be a better person and do better things. And a massive kick up the backside just when I needed it. I admire this woman, and I don't want to be the kind of person she talks about in *those* tweets.

So thank you. Because all those things you said, they did more than run through my head, they got me running again.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gonna Catch A Cold From The Ice Inside Your Soul

This week I have been full of horrid snotty cold, but when I wore this dress and had a spare few minutes to take some photos, I decided to stick 2 fingers up at aforementioned cold and take the opportunity to show you the dress, as I've been meaning to for ages.

Dress, H&M
Cardigan, Primark,
Scarf, Malaga
Glasses, Prada
Tiredness and bad skin, c/o snotty cold
I bought the dress way back, at the end of August, and I now wish I'd bought it in one of the other colours (Black, Orange, Cobalt Blue) as it's been one of those amazing wardrobe go-to's. It's a mid-weight jersey- warm without being too stiff now we're into winter, fitted at the waist instead of an empire line, a 3/4 sleeve- long enough without me needing to rolling my sleeves up, and it's my ideal length- just above the knee, but still an office appropriate length.

Typewriter Ring, Temporary:Secretary
Wearing this ring along with a couple of other less exciting rings today. I wanted to say a couple of things about the lovely Sarah at Temp:Sec whilst I'm sharing this gorgeous little ring with you. It actually arrived a couple of weeks ago, and straight onto my finger it went, unfortunately over the course of the day, the typewriter key came away from the ring, further devastated was I when I couldn't fix it myself. But Sarah came to my rescue, she very kindly offered to fix it for me and send it back at no extra charge. Oh and when it came back earlier this week, it came with the sweetest letter and beautifully wrapped, like all of her goodies usually do. Such customer service is more than a rarity and it never fails to amaze me just how lovely this girl is.

As you read this, I'm hopefully probably on one of four trains that I need to get me home after doing the rounds of my various relatives who I've ended up visiting, another weekend criss-crossing the country. I'm really rather looking forward to not having to endure Virgin Trains' hospitality for prolonged periods next weekend, it's back to uni, back to reality and back to business sitting too. Hasta Pronto.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Only Drink Champagne When I'm Thirsty

Another week is part way through, but it doesn't seem like the weekend has been over for 2 seconds. As you might know I was away in London visiting TG this weekend, and whilst we had a Big Night Out on the Saturday night, there isn't masses else to report. We're quite sedate and sensible most of the time...

Clockwise from Top Left

Baci Chocolates- a bargain in the 99p shop next to TG's nearest supermarket, he couldn't resist when I explained that family used to bring them back from trips to Sicily

Pizza. A little indulgence for a Friday night in.

And Coffee. Lots of coffee out of cool mugs. I also love Liquorice Allsorts, in case you wanted to know.

Getting ready for a night out, I always commandeer the bathroom.

It was a good night, can you tell from the quality of my photography. For the record, it's a Ministry of Sound wristband.

This bag always seems to end up coming on nights out with me when I'm with TG, it was an emergency purchase the first time we were together in London, because I'd forgotten a small bag for going out. A bag with a little story.
So yes, Friday was a sedentary day after a late arrival on Thursday night. A walk out in the sun (a welcome change after the wind and cold up North) and a night in with Pizza and with wine. Saturday, TG went off to work during the day but we had our Big Night Out.

No outfit post, 2 bottles of Champagne, wine and shots do not a pretty outfit picture make....

I should probably explain, we don't really go "out" very often. Neither of has ever lived in the vicinity of exciting nightlife and we both love food so often we'd choose to eat out rather than head further afield just for a mediocre night. Consequently when we do have nights out, we try and do Big ones, something that we both can look forward too and something we enjoy all the more for doing every few months rather than every week or even every month. I'm fortunate to have a contact at Ministry of Sound in London, which means it's often where we end up, and we're often spoilt by my contact and this weekend was no exception! Laurent Perrier Rose, well go on then, twist my arm.... The main event on Saturday night was Roger Sanchez, and I can assure you it was brill. We eventually stumbled home (just about) before dawn.

Sunday, I nursed a *slightly* sore head in bed, had a brief wander in the sun whilst TG went back to work and then it was time to head back to the (freezing cold) North and back to reality with Legal Monday.

So there you have it, the most exciting weekend I've seen in a while. Although I do love London, and I super enjoyed getting out, I'm even more excited for a couple of weeks time when TG visits here. It'll be Bonfire night and we have plans for a much more sedate visit to a local winter market followed by Fireworks and a Bonfire on site at a local estate. All finished by 8pm, probably followed by a take-out curry or something pre-prepared, slumped on the sofa, maybe with the fire lit and a glass of vino. It may be boring to some, and many can think of a hundred more "exciting" things to do whilst seeing their partner who they don't get to see all that regularly, but I don't care. Just as a great DJ in a world famous club makes us happy, so does an afternoon looking at foody things and watching fireworks whilst I invade his coat pockets to keep my hands warm. Not that I'd say no to some more freebie champagne whilst enjoying all that though....

PSST Saturday is National Cat Day and these pair have some gorgeous posts planned

Temp:Sec & Alex

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chloe Likes To Eat

On Chloe Likes To Eat, I've shown you food at home, food eaten out and about, but take-away is a new one. For me, take-away is a treat every once in a while and I love Indian and Oriental food, and take-out pizza also have a place in my heart. Don't get me wrong, it's not my Dad's pizza but there's something nice about take-away pizza.

 A night in c/o Domino's was exactly what our stomachs on Friday night, when visiting TG in London this weekend. Here's what we ordered...

I just about managed to grab a picture of TG's pizza before he whisked it away to eat....

My Half/Half pizza with a classic base and half Hawaiian and half Veggie topping- The Hawaiian side

The veggie side....

It took us ages to choose what we wanted, as the pizza menu is pretty huge at Domino's, particularly when you factor in the options to create your own pizzas and the selection of bases. Unfortunately the TG didn't get exactly what he ordered, although this may have been a misunderstanding as we went to the shop and ordered as opposed to ordering from the online pizza menu which would have been my preference (damn you dodgy internet), but I loved being able to have both of my favourite pizzas in one.

Is take-out your guilty pleasure or would you refrain from touching with a barge pole? Personally, I reckon fast food and take-away is all about appreciating it for exactly what it is, and we certainly did.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

With No Charge On My Phone, In The East End Of London

As you read this, I'm actually on my way to London (ok, well I'm in my Tort Law lecture *right* this second, but I'll be leaving shortly) to see The Guy for the weekend. I haven't seen him for about 6 weeks so I'm quite looking forward to it. I really will be in the East End of London, but hopefully with some charge on my phone!

As is tradition when I'm in the city, I'm heading to Ministry of Sound for a Big Night Out. Roger Sanchez happens to be playing on Saturday, so I'm super looking forward to dancing myself stupid. Other than that, I really don't have too many exciting plans, it's just going to be nice to get away for a weekend and to see TG, and eat. There will probably be a lot of eating, because, well, there always is! I blame TG, he's a bad influence...

In the mean time, I'll leave you with what I'm wearing for aforementioned Tort lecture and the journey down. It's a "happy clothes" outfit.

T-Shirt, Hero and Cape
High Waisted Trousers, Topshop
Cardigan, H&M

Oh I know, "happy clothes" sounds ridiculous. But these are. I do love this t-shirt and people always ask me about it when I wear it, and as for the trousers, well.... You know those items you have in your wardrobe, that almost, almost fit, but not quite? And you can't quite bring yourself to try them on, but neither can you bring yourself to chuck them out either? These trousers are that item, or they were. That makes me happy.

I got steely with myself over the weekend and made myself try them on under the assumption that there's no way they'd fit and it was time to finally get rid. Past my hips.... so far so good. Buttons done up... not overly restrictive to breathing, limited bulging over the top of them. Zip to the top... they're not stretched too much across the hip and I can get my hands into the pockets. Look down... and realise they fit!

These are dead simple, high waisted black trousers, they were about £10 in a Topshop sale 3-5 years ago, they're comfy and best of all I reckon they're rather flattering. I feel almost tall and slim and column like...

Trousers, Topshop
I'm pleased to have gained these back, they're super useful for either the office or for uni days or anything else, and they're not jeans, just for a change.

And you can't round off Happy Clothes without Happy Jewellery. Keeping it simple today...

Rings From Top
Silver C, Local Jeweller
Camera, Temporary:Secretary

Right, I'll be back for what I'm now calling Legal Monday, but in the mean time, fun, food and TG beckon, so hasta luego. Enjoy your weekends!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What Do Umbrellas Have To Do With Peter Pan?

Lady Umbrella have been all over the place at the moment. they first came to my attention and made an appearance here on Chloe Likes To Talk in May (see here). As well as producing some great designs on various styles of t-shirt, Rob and Ele are seriously lovely and as well as their Newsletters I regularly hear from them on Twitter (they are fellow caffeine freaks).

So you can imagine the excitement that hit when the latest Lady Umbrella collection was released recently, including some new designs AND some new styles. And the anticipation was nothing compared to the arrival of my new tee.

Remember this?


I'll admit, the shape of this tee wasn't exactly what I expected from first viewing, I thought it would be either a bit more fitted or straighter. That said, I'm all for trying something new and stepping out of my comfort zone and I definitely enjoyed having a play with styling this. Oh and did I mention the super soft fabric the tee is made from? And the crispness of the peter pan collar mean it doesn't flop about? And the sturdy stitching holding everything together? Yeah, definitely those bits too.

I'm almost certain that I'll mostly be wearing this tee with a high waist, to make the most of it and my figure, I absolutely cannot wait to get it on with my favourite wardrobe rediscovery (but you'll have to come back next week to see that!) and I adore the neckline on this tee for several reasons- 1 it's not too high- great if, like me you have average-larger boobs and a tiny waist, it stops them looking like one entity. 2- It's not too deep. Because really, I'd rather my lecturer wasn't having to look down my top. Or the guy sat opposite me on the train. Or the dude in Caffe Nero.... 3- the collar is good and firm. I like peter pan collars, that much you must of worked out, but I do hate it when they're floppy and then the seams twist after the item has been washed. This one sits nicely without flapping about and without being so stiff it has a life of it's own.
So, you've seen it on me. Now I thought I'd better share a little taster of what else is in the collection....

All images: Lady Umbrella

That's MY tee in the middle- well not literally mine, but you know what I mean!
Would lovelovelove to have a try of the looser off the shoulder style, but I have a sneaking suspicion I have too much tits and arse to pull it off.

The guys have also made  a couple of changes to the basic elements of their tees- printing the neckline labels for instance. I reckon this is a great move- we've all had scratchy label problems now, haven't we! Their cute little labels do remain on outer part of the tee though.

All images: Lady Umbrella

What do you reckon folks? Liking my new favourite t-shirt? Bought anything from the good folks at Lady Umbrella? Do tell, I like to nose in other people's shopping bags!

Disclaimer. This is not a sponsored post, I just really like my t-shirt and really like Rob and Ele and their brand.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Chloe Likes To Eat

The official sign that I'm back. I'm not sure I'm quite back to the old Chloe, but I'm back. And what do I have for Chloe Likes To Eat....

Clockwise from Top Left
Chips- home cut, deep fried, oh so bad but oh so yummy chips.
Chicken for my mum who is not a massive meat fan, marinated in garlic and lemon I believe.
Steak... on the rare side of medium rare, tender, lightly season with pepper.
From Chloe Likes To Eat, you'd be forgiven for thinking that I have the worlds worst diet, but I promise I actually eat quite well most of the time. It's just these oh so good meals are what my waistline and probably an artery or two consider oh so bad. Just as a side note and to make me feel an teensy bit better- this was served up with grilled tomatoes and mushrooms....*ahem* flogging a dead horse *ahem*

So steak and chips. Not exactly an original combo, but there's a reason we keep repeating it. Since my dad came out of trade (he was a chef and is a Master Chef of Great Britain) he continues to use his preferred catering suppliers for goodies such as meat and fish and the quality never fails. Equally, the simplistic goodness of a hand cut, deep fried, crispy on the outside, fluffy centred stick of carbohydrate is just so damn tasty.

This is a great example of a Saturday night meal chez CLTT. A night when my dad decides he *fancies* something (which by definition means we will be eating it at some point in the proceeding 36 hours) and has time to dig about in the fridge and fiddle in the kitchen as he so pleases. I try, very hard, to be home for dinner on a Saturday. Almost as hard as I try to be at home for Sunday pizza....

Friday, October 14, 2011

Set Fire To The Rain

Jeans, Primark
Jumper, Primark
Scarf, Malaga
For a day at university, a pretty simple put together. I haven't felt great about posting pictures of myself for the last month or so, but I feel like I'm back on track and back on the ball with Chloe Likes To Talk.

Still very much in love with the colour and style of these jeans, but the fit seems to be a bit off. This is a common problem with me and jeans. These ones are a size 12. They fit just fine around my legs, I probably would struggle to get my legs into a size 10, but the waist is HUGE. I can't get them to stay up for love nor money. The application of a belt helps in a very minor way, but it means the waist band bunches up and they still don't sit quite right. I feel that Primark jeans may be another failed experiment.

Clockwise from Top Left
Scarf, from Malaga airport, I have a growing collection!
Ring, Temporary:Secretary
Belt, Primark
Ring, Antique. A gift from my grandmother who knows my love of the colour green.
I'm trying to remember and make an effort to take pictures of the other elements of outfits that are less visible in the bigger shots. I've always been a big lover of accessories because my clothing is often quite simple classic. Long time readers will know if my love of jewellery and particularly rings. It would be a particularly strange day for my to be complete bare-fingered.

I'm not going to do a full review of the E.L.F products, as I mentioned (see here) but I did just want to say how much I'm loving their Matte Lip Colours. I'm wearing Praline in the above pictures and I love the natural colours which add just a little something more. The only little criticism of these as a product is that they're a little dry, which is probably to be expected for a matte product. I get around that by applying my favourite Boots own Lipsalve (99p, Boots) before the lip colour. For £3.50 though, it's a great product for having in your handbag or for a day to day look. And if like me, you're a bit nervous of bolder lip colour and need somewhere to start, these are fantastic.

I'm well and truly into my GDL course now, with the first assessment due in the next couple of weeks and having sat my professional boards exam this week too. The  GDL is definitely challenging but I'm enjoying the challenge and like with learning a language as opposed to subjects such as History or English, it's much more about learning a skill or subject matter instead of analysing or forming opinions on events or writings. I was never very good at that type of thing so big respect to those who do it well.

I hope everybody who has started new courses, universities, returned to study or started new jobs is getting into the swing of things. It's such a period of change for so many of you, but exciting change.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Birthday

I'm 99.9% sure that you won't thank me for this, but Happy Birthday mum.

Mum and I at graduation, July 2011
My mum and I in Leipzig, DE November 2009

Mum and I celebrating my 18th Birthday, June 2007

Mum and I at a friend's wedding, August 2010
To the mum who is on hand to help me pick my interview dress, who encouraged me to pick an open ended path when I didn't know where my life was going, who is supporting me in my bid to join the armed forces- even though I know it's not an idea you've always been keen on, who is helping beyond measure in my endeavour to train as a solicitor and who always shares her best contacts to help me out, who shares her good taste in handbags and shoes, who always shares the best angry e-mails, my mum. Thank you and here's wishing you a happy and lovely birthday and an even better 365 days to come.

With much love, big hugs and a raised wine glass,


Saturday, October 8, 2011


Spasibo (pronounced sp-a-see-bah) спасибо is Russian for thank you. I have no idea what made me want to say it in Russian, but there you go.

So why am I saying thank you, well these are some of the things that have come through the letter box (not quite literally, but you get the picture) this week...

A Little Something from TG
The Guy sent me this lovely package. We're back to postal treats now he's started university in London and I have to say it's one of the positives I try and choose to see, being in a long distance relationship. There is a significance to the Kinder Buenos, aside them being one of my (many) guilty pleasures.

Text Books
New text books to join the 10 tons of languages reference books on my shelves. For anyone looking to go study law, be prepared, the books are costly. These three set me back £70 and unfortunately the editions are updated so regularly that it can be difficult to get second hand books that meet with your lecturers approval. That said, I'm loving the course so far and loving the challenge it presents to my brain. I can really see myself in a law career and that, more than anything confirms that I made the right choice.

Lady Umbrella
More on this next week, keep your eyes peeled.

Elf Matte Lip Colours in Praline (top) and Natural (bottom) £3.50 each

Elf Mineral Glow, £5
I ventured into the world of E.L.F. this week. As well as a couple of things to go with a birthday present, I ended up purchasing these for myself. I haven't bothered to swatch them and I probably won't review them too heavily as the products have been all over the web and press, but I did want to say this...

I was somewhat sceptical when ordering from E.L.F. I had wondered that if, as a budget brand, their customer service, delivery and products would really be that great. I was pleasantly surprised. The delivery was prompt. My order arrived in 2 working days (ordered on Friday, arrived on Tuesday), it was properly packaged up and correct. Having been using the mineral glow (a bit of an experiment to see if it could be a cheaper alternative to my Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil) and both the lip colours, the products were more than worth their bargain prices.

Now, back to the above books. I have my professional board test this week that I have to pass to remain on the course.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Rule Britannia

Shoes. I like shoes. I like shoes so much that I designed the custom storage space for my shoes- well it would have been rude to leave a gap in my wardrobes where the beam was when it was just so perfect placed for shoes.

Shoe Storage, as designed by yours truly.
So a chance to win shoes and review the new Autumn/Winter British shoes at Sarenza? Hello! Shoes, Great British Style, more shoes. Count me in and allow me to present my A/W Essentials...

So first up. Flats. I wear flat shoes 99% of the time. For work, for uni, for drinks with friends, to go to the supermarket. I need them to be solid and sturdy to survive running for the train or schlepping to and from the office, but most importantly they must must MUST be pretty! Clarks have come up a long way in my estimation and you only have to look at these beauties to see why they tick all my boxes.

Image: Sarenza

Clarks Cadiz Treasure £44.99. Sturdy- they have rubber soles, ideal for gripping the pavement on my train-dash, CHECK. Solid- leather uppers, CHECK. And oh so achingly chic, perfect with my favourite grey dress and tights, perfect with jeans and a cosy jumper, perfect with a sweater dress and leggings. Meet my ideal AW flat and all the better for being British.

Next up. Statement Shoe.

Image: Sarenza
Irregular Choice Abigail's Party Too £75.60. Irregular Choice seem to have become a bit of a blogger favourite. Some of my favourite ladies are responsible for my introduction to British Brand Irregular Choice and nothing pleases me more than being able to buy their goodies conveniently.
These beauties I foresee being party shoes. Just look at the amazing sequins and the stars and gorgeous bow on the front. With my old faithful satin shorts for a big night out (I have one of those coming up, after all) or with my favourite shift dress for dinner with The Guy, these are going to add some much needed sparkle to my usual selections.
Oh, did I mention the amazingness spreads right to the soles?

Image: Sarenza

Ok, next on my list might not seem necessary to some, but anyone who works in a conservative industry such as law or accounting etc will understand. I'm calling these my Just Because I Want To Be A Solicitor, This Does Not Make Me Boring shoes.

Image: Sarenza
Underground Penny £102. Upon announcing that I'm training to be a solicitor, you can usually see people making an instantaneous judgement. It almost always includes the word boring and very rarely includes the word stylish. These could just be my secret weapon, oh and given that I work in a office which includes images of sheep wearing pink wellies and leopard print chairs, I get the feeling they'd go down rather well with my colleagues.  Underground are also a brand that really do present the British design at its very best, their designs give classics such as the brogue one almighty update and original designs giving your feet the edge that so distinguishes us Brits from, well, everyone.

And last but not least. Trainers. Now don't sigh and look away. Staying stylish includes staying fit and healthy. Training has become a massive part of my life since I put in my application with the forces and whilst pretty running shoes are great, they ultimately have to be fit for purpose. But oh wait, what's that, Brits come up top again creating the ultimate. shoes designed for function first, but still look pretty damn fit to me (pun maybe just a little bit intended...)

Image: Sarenza
New Balance ww855 £76.50. Ok, so New Balance actually started in the USA, Cambridge, Massachusetts in fact. But these babies are manufactured in the United Kingdom, meaning although all those big bold ideas coming from across the pond are actually rely on the fair hand of the Brits and to me there's no better compliment to our abilities than being the manufacturer as some of the best regarded athletic shoes going. To my mind it puts them up there with the best of British. 

And so concludes my list AW 2011/2012 shoe essentials. Thanks to Sarenza, these beauties could all be purchased from the comfort of your cosy sofa, cup of coffee and slice of cake to hand. No need to brave the wind or the rain. Oh, you also get 100 days to decide if your purchase really is for you with the 100 day return policy (none of this 28 day rubbish!) oh and did I mention that it's free? Not just the returning (on the off chance that will power wins out over lust/love) but the delivery too. Free delivery with no minimum order.

Now, to find some space on the shoe shelf....


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Purple Rain

Like the rest of the country, we did get a couple of days of "Indian Summer" but the sun, literally, does not shine on the North as yesterday we went back to more October appropriate rain.

Cue sweater dress.

Sweater Dress, Uniqlo
Jacket, Primark
Leggings, Primark
Necklace, WendyHouse
This Uniqlo beauty is a couple/3 years old and is part of the Merino Wool range. Although it's wool, it's actually not overbearingly hot for days like today where the temperature is kind of oddly inbetweeny. That said, with vest top under it and a jacket it's toasty cosy for those winter depths of cold and darkness. Oh... It's a really pretty colour too.

Had a bit of a try with my Sleek Pout Paints today. I won them from the lovely Eloise, along with some of her jewellery, but I'm always a bit wary of strong lip colours, They scare me. I think I just about managed the red, we'll see about the nuclear pink.

I'd love to tell you that I'm up to all sorts of exciting things, but I'm up to my eyeballs in manslaughter, negligance, offers to treat and citations.Oh and business sitting. Are you all living vicariously for me?!