Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Birthday

I'm 99.9% sure that you won't thank me for this, but Happy Birthday mum.

Mum and I at graduation, July 2011
My mum and I in Leipzig, DE November 2009

Mum and I celebrating my 18th Birthday, June 2007

Mum and I at a friend's wedding, August 2010
To the mum who is on hand to help me pick my interview dress, who encouraged me to pick an open ended path when I didn't know where my life was going, who is supporting me in my bid to join the armed forces- even though I know it's not an idea you've always been keen on, who is helping beyond measure in my endeavour to train as a solicitor and who always shares her best contacts to help me out, who shares her good taste in handbags and shoes, who always shares the best angry e-mails, my mum. Thank you and here's wishing you a happy and lovely birthday and an even better 365 days to come.

With much love, big hugs and a raised wine glass,



Niina - My Paper Chaos said...

Nice pictures of you and your mum. Yay for wonderful mums :)

Maca said...

lovely pictures, you are very beautiful, both

Unknown said...

How lovely and what a nice post. Mums are the best - happy birthday to yours!xx

Lauren said...

Aww this is a lovely post! x

Marta said...

Sooo cute. I wish your mam happy birthday xxx

Tess Atkinson said...

Aw, some lovely photos! I hope she had a great time x

Rachel said...

This is so sweet. Mums always have the answer whatever the problem!x

Mummy said...

Hmmm, you are right, you know I hate seeing pics of myselft. Very kind words indeed although, not so sure you feel the same after my "nag" on Tuesday :)