Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Chloe Likes To Eat

Remember these? From Chloe Likes To Feast? These are deep fried polenta goodness. They're actually best known in Palermo, Sicily as a street food and my dad first discovered them being sold from vendors in vans when we visited family out there, about 12 years ago. They've been a bit of a family favourite ever since.

These were served with our main course when these pictures were taken, and they can be a great original carbohydrate element to lots of dishes, particularly Italian ones. Fortunately for us (and by us, I very much mean ME) dad had a few spares which he didn't cook and plate up for this particular dinner, and they became a very yummy starter- served with a small salad and a big dollop of homemade garlic mayo, a couple of days later.

These fab little bites of Italia are pretty easy to make, probably incredibly bad for you and oh so damn tasty.


Sam @ Polka Dot Dreams said...

They look yummy! I use a lot of polenta in baking cakes but I have never eaten it in a savoury way before - I may have to give this sort of thing a go though!! x

Maria Fallon said...

Are you deliberately trying to torture me?! This looks amazing!

Maria xxx

Winnie said...

I want to eat these right now?! Who cares if it's 1.20am. I want!

Hazel said...

who cares about the calories.. darnit i love to try one of those hahaha ;)