Thursday, November 10, 2011


This, this is all the fault of Char and Alex.

No, not my sofa....
The idea came from Jen's Alternative Autumn Essentials, when she posted about leather trousers, it suddenly ignited a sense of lust (for the trousers, not Jen, although I do love her blog!) that would not go away. Eventually, I gave in, and ordered these faux leather trousers from Topshop for £32 less a 10%  student discount.

I was sceptical. I'm happy to admit that. My Twitter enablers persuaded me that they were a sound buy and after trying them on, I have to admit, I rather like them. So here they are...

The Trousers....

Trousers, Topshop,
Jumper, Primark
Jacket (and shoes shown above), H&M

And to go with these slightly *ahem* provocative trousers, I have a new nail polish. Remember this from earlier in the week?

Ring, Temporary:Secretary

Nail Polish....
Last week, TG was about and as I had to work on Friday and he was off out and about, I charged him with picking a new nail polish from Boots No7, as I had one of those £5 vouchers and it expired on Sunday. Well, this is what he came back with, claiming it was the name that sold it to him, for me.

Temptress, Boots No7
Look who managed to bruise every single one of her nails...
 Ok, I love the colour. It's quick dry, just like it says on the bottle (on the back for those who are particularly sharp eyed above). The bottle is HUGE. Ok, it's 10ml, but it's still bigger than many nail polishes. And it has some staying power- this was taken on Day 5 of wear, and my nail polish never makes it as far as day 5 without big chips. Granted there's a bit of wear on the tips, but I do type on my BlackBerry using my nails and I'm not known for my delicacy with my hands (hence the bruising).

However. It took me 5 coats to get the colour. yes, five. the colour goes on a very watery, unever shade and it takes a good 4 coats to even out and deepen the colour. The only saving grace is that it dries so quickly, but even so, painting my nails is not something I regularly have more than 10 minutes to do.

Conclusion? Gorgeous colour, great staying power, but wouldn't purchase it unless I had another freebie voucher/offer.

The trousers on the other hand....

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