Thursday, December 1, 2011

Chloe Likes... The Anti-Christmas Edition

Some people love Christmas, you know, the ones who get the decorations out, "just so they're ready" in September, and who take glee in festive hats and Christmas Advertising *ahem* Coca-Cola *ahem*.

And there's always someone who hates it, you know, the one who stalks around scowling and making a big show of not sending any Christmas cards or going to the office party.

I'm actually not a huge fan of Christmas. It just doesn't *do it* for me. And I used to be one of those people who hated Christmas, now I've worked out, that even if you don't subscribe to the 'If you can't beat them....' there are ways to deal with the festive period even if it's not your favourite time of year, that make it easier for you, and easier for people around you who might be a bit more in the spirit of all things red and fluffy. Because let's face it, Christmas and all it's foibles, they're not going anywhere soon. Allow me to present- How Not To Do Christmas.

Numero Uno. Dead simple. Remember that it's here to stay. Christmas- as a religous festival and a commercial tradition is NOT going anywhere, anytime soon. So like it or loathe it, don't be the one in the corner, having the equivalent of a 3 year old's temper-tantrum. It's not endearing, it's attention seeking, and it's unnecessary. Once you've worked this bit out, it's much easier, to just let it wash over you.

Now that you've established the overall thing isn't for you, find something that you DO like. For me, it's giving gifts with some heart and some soul. I do pretty much all of my shopping online, because I can't bear the crowds, but that doesn't mean I don't get a little kick out of organising the contents of all my packages and starting to put together parcels that I know the recipients will love. If you like making cards, then DIY your Christmas cards- a handmade card is a handmade card whether they're for birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas, do something you love to find some good in the time of year.

Turkey. Usually dry, bland in comparison to it's smaller more commonly eaten neighbour the chicken. Eaten mostly at this time of year. Don't like it? Do something different. Over the years we have: eaten Roast Duck, been out for dinner, there was adefinitely pigeon one year that we were in trade, done buffets on January 3rd to celebrate Christmas (again, when we were in trade). And this year, as it's the four of us- Mum, Dad, TG and I, we're having a roast chicken and there will probably be some kind of starter and as a concession to my mother, because it's her one thing she likes about christmas, Christmas Pudding. Christmas is often about tradition, but that's not to say you can't make your own traditions.

Christmas Walk 2009

Ok, I'll admit this- I find the "Big Day" can be excrutiatingly boring. There, I said it. You get up, open things, eat lunch, then what?! Solution? Do something. Change the day around. It's exactly what we've done. We get up- late by the way, none of this 0600 malarkey! We do brunch, preferably with some Bucks Fizz- hey if we're going to have a day off, we might as well do it properly. We walk the dog, provided the weather isn't horrific. We get the prep for dinner done. We exchange our gifts, maybe have a much of some Christmas chocolate and most likely a glass of vino. We have our 'Christmas Dinner' for dinner, at our usual time of around 2000. It spreads out the day, and stops that horrid bored feeling.

And lastly, most importantly. Be gracious. Just because Christmas isn't for you, and you're not getting into it, remember that there will be at least one person- being it children or adults, around you who loves it and *get* that whole Christmas Magic thing. Be gracious, smile, say thank you, get viciously competitive over the Scrabble board and make an effort. There's no need to act like a spoiled toddler for your sake or anyone elses, and above all, you might just have some fun yourself.




KLEE said...

haha i love the contrast between this and the post i've just done! SCROOGE :P no but really i get why people don't like it, i think i'm probably in the 'cant beat em join em' group to be honest. now i just embrace it :) xx

The Pampered Sparrow said...

I love your honesty in this post! Christmas isn't for everyone!
I personally love Christmas, though it's taken a while to get it right! ;D xx

Lauren said...

I completely get why some people don't like christmas but omg I love it sooo much! Actually I think I prefer the run up to it and buying presents, watching christmas films etc then the day itself but I get so excited over christmas stuff! Loved this post though! xxx

Jacqueline Ashley said...

Cute blog!