Thursday, December 29, 2011


A lot of you will know I headed up to Glasgow last week, and as well as having a lovely time and meeting some lovely people, I came back with some goodies. Behold....

Goodies from the Rox

 Goodies from the meet, couldn't wait to start using them, hence the pictures in my shower

A little Scottish purchase. Isn't it beautiful?

The lady who makes these fab rings makes all sorts of beautiful jewellery, including charm style bracelets with miniature tea sets on them. I was really struck with this teacup ring though, I've had to remember to try not to wear it too much since, as I don't want to bash the tiny little cup on anything and break the handle or something.

Aside making beautiful things, Rachel was also super friendly and I'm hoping to have some details for you, so if any of you Scots fancy a look at what she does, you'll be able to.

Now, to plan my next trip across the border...

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