Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Big Fat Gypsy December

As I lay here, in my nice snuggly bed on this cold December 2nd, I was just contemplating the month ahead, planning a few things I need to try and purchase whilst out tomorrow, trying to think if I've booked all the train tickets I need and generally musing the "To Do" mountain. And it struck me, I'm going to be a bit of a gypsy this month, and there are only 2 weekends (including this one) that I'll be at home for.

I'm pretty excited for the month ahead, even though it's going to be crazy busy and I'm not all that fussed about Christmas (as you might have noticed... ) because most of my trips are really quite exciting.

So here we go... My Big Fat Gypsy December

Thursday 8th- Sunday 11th December... LONDON

Off to see TG in London, well actually, we're off to see Example, which is why the trip is planned as is. We bought the tickets when they went on sale in the summer, and I've been pretty excited since. We also have a cheeky night at Ministry on the cards, just some, y'know, light entertainment...

Expect: Dodgy drunk photos from my phone and smug tweets
Don't Expect: to hear from me in a hangover-free state until Tuesday.....

Faithless, December 2010 almost exactly a year ago to when we go to Example, and the last gig TG and I went to.

Friday 16th- Sunday 18th December... CAMBRIDGE

Slightly less exciting, pre-Christmas family visiting and present delivery. But it does have the benefit of not needing a rail ticket, and given the ridiculous amount of time and money I spend on trains per week, for this I am grateful.

Expect: Pictures of sunset over the fens
Don't Expect: Excitement.

Last winter over the fens

Monday 19th & Tuesday 20th December... GLASGOW

I think this might just be THE most exciting trip of the month, and possibly the year. I'm off to Glasgow for the Scottish Bloggers Event on Monday 19th AND I get to meet my homegirl Ayden. Ayden and I have been exchanging overexcited messages about this trip since Wednesday when I confirmed that I'd be able to go. As well as Ayden, I'm really looking forward to meeting any other bloggers who can make it, this will be my first blogger event, so be gentle with me please!

Expect: Overexcited tweets, pictures of me grinning, lots of retweeting.
Don't Expect: me to hold back on the excitement

Tuesday 27th December- Tuesday 2nd January... LONDON

And so completes my December tour of the United Kingdom. TG is with me for Christmas and the preceeding week, and I'm going back with him for New Year and the week preceeding. I will no doubt have work to do, TG will be working, but when I was offered the few working days off between Christmas and New Year, it was too good an opportunity to pass up on. Added highlights include New Years Day at Ministry, a chance to catch up with my London family and *hopefully* seeing The Boys.

Expect: contented blogposts and pictures of London
Don't Expect: me to be wishing it was still Christmas.

The Boys and I, bang on 6 months ago today.



Eloise said...

WELL JEL of your plans, although I get cranky if I move around too much. But they do sound exciting! I await the smug tweets...


amie k said...

Wow, what a busy few weeks ahead! I've just found your blog, I'm loving it!
Love Amie

daisychain said...

I'm well excited for you!

Unknown said...


That is all :) x

Unknown said...

Sounds like you have some pretty awesome plans for December, so jealous of you going to see Example :).