Monday, January 2, 2012

Chloe Likes To Eat

Last year for New Years Eve, we had our neighbours and friends join us for a Lebanese Banquet, this year, we once again had our neighbours join us for dinner, except this year, we had a (loosely themed) Italian Dinner in the run up to the chimes.

First up (after a Champagne cocktail and a Vodka clear out...) an Anti-Pasto plate served with some homemade focaccia breads. Apologies for useless picture, lighting was not at a premium...

Smoked salmon, fresh fig, Manchego cheese, more fig, melon, salami, cream cheese with cracked black pepper., more salami, rocket salad and parmesan crisp (centre).

Next, the main course. Chicken a la Romana. This is adapted from a favourite of my dad, Veal a la Romana. The chicken is batted out, sprinkled with chopped sage, layered with Parma Ham and then rolled up, coated in bread crumbs and fried.

The whole dish- Chicken a la Romana, polenta chips, green beans, thyme roasted tomatoes, masala and mushroom veloutte sauce.

Chicken, layered with sage and Parma ham, coated in breadcrumbs, fried and sliced in half.

Polenta chips- polenta made in the Thermomix, set in a square flat dish, sliced and then shallow fried.

Cherry tomatoes roasted with thyme and olive oil.

Dessert. As is tradition in our house, we had a chocolate Panettone for Christmas and this is how we served it for a desert on our Italian theme...

Dessert Plate- Chocolate panettone, Ameretto Mascarpone, iced coffee shot, bitter orange and star anise sorbet, caramel sauce.

Our Panettone.

Bitter Orange sorbet lightly flavoured with star anise. Chilled Heaven.

Iced coffee in a shot glass. Memories of my uncle Franco who makes his. More chilled heaven and just right with the other flavours on the plate.

So there you have it, New Year at Chloe Likes To Talk HQ. I can't wait to really crack on with 2012 and see what can be achieved. Hope you all had a lovely time, and all the very best New Year wishes.


Anonymous said...

All of that food looks absolutely delicious! What a nice way to see in the new year :) xx

Temporary:Secretary said...

oh, how i love these posts! You should start a food blog, Chloe! Would be so good! xxx

Leanne Cornelius said...

WOW! I need to come to your house for a meal! x

Unknown said...

Chloe did you cook these? All of the courses look absolutely amazing! What a lovely themed dinner. xo

Christie Ressel said...

That looks soooo good!!!!

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Winnie said...

Oh wow, you have such talented cooks in your family! This all looks delicious and EVEN better than going out for a meal (though I would definitely pay for this!). Come dine with me eat your heart out :D

Unknown said...

This looks absolutely delicious, especially the main course!


noone said...

ohh all of these food looks delicious, I couldn't take my eyes off the roaster cherry tomatoes though, I love tomatoes haha