Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Chloe Likes To Eat

As it was TG's last night before heading back to Londres, we headed to our favourite restaurant last week. Having forgotten that it was steak night, a difficult choice with the menu was suddenly made simple.

As if you couldn't tell, these are mobile photos.

Steak, onion rings, chips, tomatoes, mushrooms, peppercorn sauce. Perfection. I really really love a decent piece of steak, and I love it all the more when it's served simply like this. Added benefit to Steak Night? None of the clearing up to do!

I am, at present feeling pretty horrendous. Some kind of cold has knocked me for six, and I'm willing it to disappear quickly. Of all weeks, I could have done without feeling rough this week. I have also decided that these are a partial cure to the common cold. Or at least the should be!

Jelly Beans, Christmas Gift from TG
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