Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Get By

Things I have learned this week: Dogs are a pain in the behind. I'm highly fortunate to have nice friends on my GDL. If in doubt, Jelly Beans and Chai Tea will make it better. Leggings are my friends.

Jumper, Primark
Black Vest, H&M
Leggings, Topshop, £20
Shoes, H&M
Necklace, Gift

Still recovering from lurgy, I now sound like a seal when I cough, much to the amusement of my friend Chris! I've decided that Chai Tea (This Teapigs version, a gift from TG this Christmas, he knows me so well) and Jelly Beans are the cure to said Lurgy, and so far, it seems to be working. I'm also really enjoying easy to wear clothing and these leggings are just perfection.

I was a bit unsure at first. And it wasn't the fact that they're leggings, but the colour. I loved them in the shop, then got home and thought... eeeek garish colour. But I've come back around again. The thing I love most is that they're a bit of a cross between denim leggings and cotton, so they're a bit heavier, to warrant being more like trousers, but without being denim. Perfect for days filled with wheezing, snotty noses and awkward customers. And although I wouldn't call these a bargain, I do think they're a just price at £20 (or £18, if you have a student discount....).

Things that have also made me feel better this week, a bit of help from friends. My last GDL essay of the semester is due next week and a couple of friends and I have been struggling. But, because we're writing different essays (we got to pick and choose which ones we did and handed in when...) we've been able to help each other to a certain degree. Natalie and Chris wandered of post-seminar on Tuesday with all of my Contract Law notes, my text book and the Contract essay which I got high marks for. In turn, Natalie sent me away with her Tort Law essay, recommendations for which books in the library would be most helpful and a bit of advice on what exactly "Critically comment..." means.

Having made a start on using some of this info, what really struck me, is that this is how it should be. Helping each other out and being nice to each other. It's such a world away from my experience at university for my undergrad, that this is a real novelty for me. But actually, it's the most natural set up in the world.

I'd best be getting back to me essay writing. Sadly, this is not one of the modules that I find quite so interesting, But the show must go on. Fueled by cake. And Chai.
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