Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Legal Life

A day in my legal life.

Line 1. 0700  Getting dressed. Making myself look like a human being, well ish. Every train journey needs...
Line 2. 0830 My pretty coffee. Starting my day with research. Morning meetings.
Line 3. 1330 Lunch is up. Friday purchase. Sparkles.
Line 4. 1530 Messy desk. Afternoon pick-me-up. Nose to the grindstone.
Line 5. 1630 Snacking. Rounding of the day. Dinner.

I wore: Printed shift dress from Asda (and necessary cardigan, opaque tights and fluffy scarf).
I ate: M&S BLT (it was REALLY good), Yu! dried cherry pieces, a cheeky piece of Daim cupcake, split with Imogen, Cheese.
Highlights: Morning coffee, project progress in the morning meeting, after work wine.
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