Thursday, January 5, 2012

Puss In Boots

I unintentionally ended up browsing the sales when I was in town to do something else last week, and spotted these. They are what I might call a fate purchase- they were exactly what I've been looking for, in exactly the right size and seriously reduced....

Boots, Topshop £31.50 reduced from £75 to £35 and a student discount applied.

Yes, new boots. I've been after some black ankle boots for ages, and when I spotted these, they shouted perfection in a variety of ways. They were also the very last pair I could see, in my size or any other, so I grabbed them quickly!

So far I've worn them with jeans, with leggings and a shirt and with a dress. I also wore them like this, with this particular favourite to go out for dinner last night....

Merino Wool Dress, Uniqlo

Boots, Topshop

I feel a bit of a walking Topshop advert at the moment, as I managed a couple of cheeky online sale purchases, which you'll see as I start to wear them and as for footwear, well it's either these babies or my Cat Slippers...

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