Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sometimes, I Get A Good Feeling

Hello Weekend! For some reason, despite having had a bit of time off over Christmas, and not even working a full week this week, I'm pretty shattered. But despite being tired, nothing quite beats the feeling of hitting the half way point on my run, an epic dance track blasting, and feeling as though anything is possible. Unfortunately a couple of the young families and older couples walking on the promenade where I run may have been a bit creeped out by my manic grinning as I ran past....

Now I'm showered, clean and still riding the last of my endorphin high, I thought I'd share another sale bargain with you, and a picture of my mug, since I've not done many What I Wore posts in the last couple of months.

Martha Jeans, £25 with 10% student discount, from £40. Topshop
T-Shirt, Primark
Shoes, £8, from £19.99, New Look.

When perusing the Topshop sale online on Christmas Eve, I was delighted and a bit nervous in equal measures. There were my very favourite straight leg Martha jeans, which are a nightmare to find in store, reduced by almost half. I didn't hesitate to buy a pair, even though they're a little on the large side, but I have a horrible feeling they may be discontinued. For now though, I'm determined to enjoy.

My other sale bargain is the pair of leather shoes. Yes, real leather. Reduced from £19.99 to £8 when I wandered into New Look. I've been on the hunt for some new tan coloured flats for ages, so I was really rather smug having found some nice ones, in real leather, at a bargain price.

Shoes, New Look

Also making me happy, this necklace that Ayden sent me at the back end of last year.

What's not to love?

I also have a little helper for the coming week, as I'm house/business sitting...

Don't be fooled by the eyes, he's a demon with barking in the morning and right now is snoring so loudly that I can hear him over the new Rihanna album playing on my speakers.....

Happy weekend to the staggering 180 of you now following Chloe Likes To Talk, thanks for coming to visit, and here's hoping I haven't put you off with pictures of me and the festering hound.....

I'm off to scoff some Panettone, meet a friend at the station and indulge in chinese food, a bottle of something and a chilled out evening.
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