Monday, February 27, 2012

Recently I'm Wearing...

Seeing as the last one seemed to go down rather well, here's another 'Recently I'm Wearing...'

A mix of pictures from my phone, Molome and 'proper' photos, it's been a mixed bag over the last 10 days or so, and there are a couple of sneaky peaks of outfit posts coming up soon.

Top Row- L-R
Birds of a feather... ASOS shirt and Accessorise Necklace.
My new precious. Ring, Topshop
My not-quite-new-but-still preciouses. Boots, Topshop
A Hot/Cold favourite. T-shirt, ASDA

Bottom Row- L-R
Simple but effective, it always gets some attention. Ring, somewhere in Spain.
Keeping it classic. T-shirt, Primark. Jeans, Topshop.
Bringing the bling to work. Watch, gift from Spain.
Doing it my way. Pastel nail polishes- various.


Rachael said...

That ring from Spain looks really interesting and different!

Adaisychaindream said...

Love the pastels. So much.

Deerie said...

Nice watch! :3

Chloe said...

Thanks. I bought that and another years ago when on holiday, they always get a bit of attention.

Chloe said...


Chloe said...


Angel In This Dress said...

I love the boots! I soooo would buy... even though I have many identical pairs of the same sort of boots..... :D You can never have too many of them! x x