Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tag, You're It.

I usually steer clear of these taggy things that you’re supposed to do because of a slightly strange award that floats around. But Alex tagged me in this ‘get to know you’ style version, and this being a reasonably personal blog, mostly about yours truly, I thought it might be good to do. And I wouldn’t want to incur Alex’s wrath…  So first up, answering the 11 questions that Alex set…

  • Are you a morning or a night person?

I’m a neither I suppose, years of working in catering used to mean I would go to bed around 0300 and get up around 1100/1200. Now I work more 9-5 type jobs, I’m still rubbish at getting up in the mornings. That said I’m usually sleepy by 2300 too….

  • Have you ever stolen anything? (be honest, I won't set the law on you)
Frequently… the last piece of fudge, a sneaky biscuit on a Friday afternoon, the pencil sharpener in the office- thought that's mine anyway…

  • What is your favourite word?

I don’t know if I have one… Not something I’ve ever thought about. Off the top of my head…antecedent. I have no idea why.

  •  What can't you live without?
Ribena. I’m addicted to the Really Light version, it makes my long days doable. I am a 5 year old inside….

Ribena Really Light

  • Who/what do you have an irrational dislike of?
Emptying the dishwasher. I would genuinely just rather wash up after each meal than empty the dishwasher. I’ve always hated doing it… I have no idea why…

  • Where is your favourite place to eat out?
Oh God… now this is hard. I actually would take eating in over eating out… nothing to do with the Master Chef dad or partner who cooks amazing savoury dishes of course…. Ummmm if I had to pick, there’s a fab Lebanese restaurant in southern Spain or possibly the Italian Restaurant near the Neues Rathaus in Leipzig that I used to eat at pretty much weekly…

  • Who is the cleverest person you know?

My mother, hands down. She’ll always say she’s not smart, but she’s the brains behind my parents business and pretty much everything that happens in our household.

My mum and I at graduation...
  • What was the last film that you saw at the cinema? Was it any good?

I had to think hard to remember this one, but I think it was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2, so yes, it was good.

  •  What is your guilty tv pleasure?
Hollyoaks, 90210, the televised film Goodnight Mister Tom, Silent Witness, Gossip Girl… pretty much all my TV is guilty pleasure as I don’t often have a massive amount of time to sit down and do it, and I mostly watch TV on online catch up services. At present Big Fat Gypsy Wedding completes me.

  •  Where did you last go on holiday?

Last full holiday was June 2011, Lanzarote with T. But I do regular trips to London where he is based, which are weekend breaks and holidays of a sort.

  • What makes you go "GAHHHHHHHHHHHHH"?

At least a 100 things, but most prominently, at present, the internet dying just as I need to get online or send an email. 

Next, 11 things about moi...

Yours Truly...

1. Once upon a time I really wanted to work in fashion. I did a night class in fashion design a few years back and I used to write a fashion column for a local magazine.

2. I really really dislike it when people say/write ‘should/would/could of’ as it demonstrates that 1. They didn’t pay attention to basic English lessons at school and 2. That they have no understanding that verbs and prepositions are not interchangeable and that a conditional has to be followed by a verb.

3. I am still learning how to walk in heels. I’ve never really worn them much before and I find them really difficult. It’s proving to be a long and painful process.

4.I have appalling handwriting it’s kind of a scrawl and it’s really only just legible.

5. Despite being declared permanently unfit by the Air Force, my fantasy job would still be in military intelligence and I get a tiny little bit jealous when T goes off on exercise.

6. I have a really really tiny head. My mortar board for graduation was the smallest size they do, and it still was about  an inch too big. Hats are a no go zone…the last one I had (because I needed it at -18 degrees C...) was for an age 2-3 year old.

7. I can’t catch. Really. I can’t. I like to blame my eyesight…

8. My biggest fear is falling. Which is actually quite a rational fear as it goes, because it's one of only 2 fears we’re born with. A fear of loud noises is the other, apparently.

9. I’m exceptionally quite blunt and it gets me into trouble. I like to mean what I say and I wouldn’t ever say something about someone that I wouldn’t say to them. This also means I’m not the most likeable person in the world.

10. My favourite colour is green, and I have an unrealistic loathing of the colour orange. 

11. I'm totally addicted to glitter, something which my partner T indulges on a regular basis, in particular with regards to nail polish...

And now the fun bit. I've tagged the people I would like to get to know better, I'm tagging:

Rosie from A Rosie Outlook
Maria from Frills n Spills
Lauren from Laurenella

Here's the rules (according to Alex...)
1. You must post 11 things about yourself
2. Answer the questions set in the post you were tagged in
3. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag
4. Legitimatly tag people you would like to pass this on to- no 'tagged if you're reading this' 'tagged if you haven't already been' and go to their blog to tell them so. 


Rachael said...

Aw I haven't had Ribenna for so long but I remember for about two years at university I was so addicted to the such!

Adaisychaindream said...

I have a really bloody awful Ribena craving now.

Chloe said...

It's a relatively new 'thing' my friend got me hooked and now I just can't leave it alone!

Chloe said...

Sorry, I quite like Tescos own Blackcurrant no added sugar squash as a home alternative.. if that helps?

Alex said...

Well one thing is now clear - we can't ever be hat twins.  I have a MASSIVE head.  Maybe I stole some of yours?

Love your answers  :)

Oh and the glittery polish is beautiful!  I can never get the bloody stuff off afterwards though.  Am I missing a trick?

Chloe said...

Maybe that's the answer- someone stole some of what should have been my head! Damn you Alex, all those hats I'll never be able to wear! 
You are indeed missing a trick with the glitter polish- thanks to Gem Fatale... she posted this tip, which I can confirm works absolute wonders!

Hero&Cape said...

excellent post! A great read and lots of insight! I'm a Ribena addict too! I can drink a big bottle of the concentrate stuff in a week!

Chloe said...

For some reason I've never quite gotten into the concentrate... But I'm a bit addicted to Tescos own brand Blackcurrant squash as my substitue....

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